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"Believe in something big. Your life is worth a noble motive" -By Walter Anderson

Today, we are have Alex from American Canyon High School! She is Caring Positive Personable. Next year for her senior year, she is looking forward to playing my last year of tennis and making it an amazing year, and definitely a year that I want a lot of new experiences and memories.

Alex, I hope you have the best senior year ever! I look forward to what the God has in store for you!!!




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Offer expires midnight April 8th!

Big hugs!!!

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Kelsey & Jose - A Wintery Engagement Session,Placerville, CA Engagement Session by Pearly Hens Photography

I met Kelsey and Jose in the fall of 2013, when they had called wanting to have their photos done for holiday cards that year. I photographed them with Jose's daughter Angeline and their dog Romo. It was a fun time getting to know them. I was grateful that they had trusted me with their photos as Pearly Hens Photography was in its infancy. Then they contacted me again in the fall of 2014 for their holiday cards. I had a good time again getting to know this couple and seeing how much Angeline had grown in the past year. Then this past year, I had such a busy fall season, it wasn't until mid-December, that I had realized that Kelsey didn't contact me for their holiday photos. I was a little sad as I had truly missed them.

Then after Christmas, I received a text from Kelsey reading that Jose had proposed!!!! I was so elated and happy for them! So of course, I invited them to meet up for coffee at Napa Valley Roasting Company so I can listen to all the details of how Jose had proposed. BTW, he surprised her while they were looking at Christmas lights on Paradise Court here in Napa. At the end of our conversation, I was so honored and humbled that they thought of me to capture their winter wedding for the following December.

When we talked about their engagement session, they wanted a wintery - lodge or cabin place that was cozy and snow on the ground. They didn't want it to have a Christmas feel either. I had about two months to think about possible locations. As their engagement session was coming to closer, I was feeling a bit anxious because all of the snow that had fallen in January and February had disappeared due to all of the rain from El Nino. My brilliant husband, suggested that I should invite Kelsey and Jose up to his parents home in Placerville, then he would drive us up highway 50 until we find some snow. 

After I got the okay from my wonderful in-laws, I invited Kelsey, Jose, Angeline and Romo up to their home. It had been seriously down pouring all week prior, and the day of the session was no exception. Despite the wet weather and the adventure of searching for some patches of snow, I'm totally happy with how the whole session turned out. There was a lot of coziness, a lot of love, lots of snow and tons of fun.

Here is a little peak of our time together. I'm looking forward to their wedding in December!!!!

oh ya, and my kids got to hangout with their grandparents to boot :-) lol 




How cute is this ring holder?!Engagement Session by Pearly Hens Photography Engagement Session by Pearly Hens Photography Engagement Session by Pearly Hens Photography

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Family Friday - Mustard Season is here in wine country One of my favorite times of the year has arrived here in Napa! Its mustard season..this is when the whole Napa-Sonoma area are blessed with fields and fields and vineyards of these amazing vivid yellow flowers! Then are pops of oranges sprinkled here and there from the California poppies. Seriously if you haven't been to wine country during this time period, you are missing some beautiful natural artistry. The season usually only last a few weeks..about mid-January to about mid/late March. 

When I started Pearly Hens Photography, I completely fell in love with Mustard season. Who knew that these weeds would can make such eye popping landscapes and perfect backdrops for photo sessions. Every year, I get this itch to take photos out there. I have that itch now!!!

This year, the babes and I had a weekend when it was just us girls. I needed a model for an up coming mini-session promo that was brewing in my head. It didn't take too much convincing to have her put on her fancy dress to model for me. She loves frilly and sparkly. LOL. 

I was totally stoked because that morning the weather was perfect. Then something happened while we were at the store, it was completely hailing and raining out of no where. I was bummed! The babes was bummed! BUT  there was this little small break in the clouds, and just enough golden light left, that we took advantage of the moment.

I'm so blessed to have a daughter with an adventurous soul and being a super trooper. We got in the car, drove around a bit and went to this private driveway that I had been eyeing now for a few weeks! I normally love treelined driveway...but with the mustards along the road and in between the vineyard, I - COULD - NOT - RESIST... I must take photos! LOL.

So we got out and had some serious fun. Yes, it was freee---yo! (frio, cold, very cold)...This did not stop us. We both truly enjoyed ourselves and the light was absolutely perfect! 

I left the session feeling quite blessed about having such wonderfully spirited daughter, for living in an amazing area and totally excited about sharing these images!

As a result of my love for mustard season, and this itch to capture some images, I have a styled mini session slated for next Saturday, February 13th! Only 8 slots! Great time for quick family photos, milestone photos or just to have some fun moments amongst the flowers. Click here: for details and to grab a slot! :


If you made it this far, thank you for letting me share a little part of my time with my babes! Big hugs everyone:)  Enjoy your weekend!




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My friend K.D - Mama Monday - January 11, 2015


Its' #MamaMonday...this week, its all about my friend K.D. This woman is amazingly fun and full of life. The other day we were trying to figure out how we met. We came to the conclusion it was a couple of years ago at one of the All Club playdate for the Napa Mom's club. I knew within the first few minutes of chatting with her, that I was going to like her a lot.


What I love about this lady is that she is real and just plain fun to be around. I love talking to her about how crazy busy our lives are with a family and trying to run our business. Oh, did I mention she's an amazing graphic designer. She is the dear friend who designed Pearly Hens Photography's logo.  Seriously if you need to update your logo or marketing materials, you need to contact this talented lady friend of mine! (Duggan Designs


Anyway, over the past couple of years I have grown to really enjoy my friendship with KD. This lady has lots of life in her and a  whole  lot of love to give to her family and friends. I love hanging out with her at out Napa Mom Club meetings, play dates at the park with our littles, at the 4H rabbit meetings (both our daughters are in the rabbit project this year) or just meeting up for coffee! I always walk away with a smile and thank God for my friend. I hope she knows that I truly appreciate her!

Happy #mamamonday everyone! 

Big hugs,





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Gracie D - Turning 8 will be great! - Napa, CA

For my first photoshoot of 2016, I had the honor of capturing Gracie who just celebrated her 8th birthday! This beautiful young girl was so much fun to capture. I love how her parents want to celebrate her and capture this age. Her victorian inspired tutu dress was quite darling that she wore with her ballet inspired flats. I asked my daughter Pearl to see if she wanted to come assist at her friend's shoot. I'm so glad that she came, because 1) its always fun to have her with me and 2) Pearl helped Gracie to be more relaxed and have fun! 

Check out it! Happy Birthday Gracie! have a fantabulous year being 8!


Big Hugs, 


Dress: Trish Scully Child

Location: Napa River Inn, Napa CA








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Wedding Wednesday - 2015 Wedding Season Image Review! It's Wednesday! For 2016, I'm implementing Wedding Wednesdays. My goal for this year is to dedicate Wednesday's for the day where I will be blogging about all things related to weddings from a photographer's point of view. On wedding Wednesdays I may review my most recent wedding or engagement session.

I plan on to blog about all sorts of topics; such as a wedding from a photographer's perspective, sharing photos of details, cakes and rings, the pro's and con's of having an unplug wedding, to have a first look or not to have a first look, why take a photo's of the wedding dress, and etc...all from a behind my camera's perspective.

My hope for Wednesdays is that when you click to the next website, you receive a little insight about weddings from a photographer's perspective. Maybe you'll even get inspired for your own wedding. For the photographer's out there, I definitely would love to hear from you! Although, I will have to be real honest with you, there may be some Wednesdays where I'll just be sharing pretty photos with no words:-)  Some weeks are just going to be crazy...just sayin' :-)

For this first Wedding Wednesday of the new year, I am simply sharing images from my 2015 wedding season! The weddings ranged from an ultra-creative-DIY-Alice-in-Wonderland-themed wedding to classically romantic to modern glam. There even was a surprise weddings! I was honored to capture weddings at wineries, vineyards, museums and private homes and estates as well as parks and beautiful churches. I love weddings. period. Being able to witness couples who love each other and are ready to start their new adventure together is always a blessing. I am just so so so very honored that I get to capture the beginning of this season in their lives. I wish and hope for all my 2015 newlyweds a long life together full of love, passion and commitment!

Enjoy the year in review this past year. :-)

Big hugs,


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Mama Monday! - Featuring Shannon N.

This is my friend Shannon. She doesn't know yet, but she is my first mama friend that I'm featuring on Mama Mondays! It's the 4th day of the New Year, and I'm going to begin featuring Mom's on Mondays. These ladies will either be friends, clients or relatives. Each week I plan to brag, love and share with you all what makes each of these woman special to me and what I love about her. I'm surrounded by so many mama's who are dear and near to my heart, so why not talk about them. 


So Shannon, what can I say about her. This lady makes me laugh and reminds me to enjoy life and to trust God in all circumstances. I remember the first time that I saw her in my daughter's 2 year old preschool orientation day. I didn't realize at the time that we would be kindred spirits. Over the weeks as we pass each other at drop offs and pick ups, we had become friends. I realized we had quite a few things in common such as our love for Jesus, we were both fairly new to the community and we both had daughters! 


One of the best memories I have of Shannon is the time that I invited her family to come over and have dinner with mine. While our littles were playing, we sat around and talked about our marriages, you know how we each met our spouses, our first dates and our first pregnancies. OMG, can I tell you that my husband and I never laughed so hard in our lives. 


What I love about her the most is her spirit of encouragement and support. She will always be one of the first to encourage me and support me in whatever crazy goals I have set for myself. When I first decided that I would take the  leap of faith into the photography business, she and her family was one of my first clients. They continue to support me each year, as I am honored to capture their lives!

Its been amazing to watch her on her weight loss journey for the pass year . Not only has this journey been transforming her body but she has also learned to love herself more and encourage others to do so as well. She is a goal-achieving-strong-woman and absolute perfect mama role model for her two daughters. 

Thank You Shannon for your friendship. I truly enjoy who you are. I know you can handle everything that God puts in front of you. You always make me laugh from the heart! I still crack up from our last text conversation about your last photoshoot! 

Big hugs to my sweet friend and I hope and pray that everyone else has a Shannon in their lives,


#mamamondays #featuredfriends #loveyourfriend #laughfromtheheart #youareloved

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goodbye 2015, hello 2016!  

I can hardly believe that a year has gone by again. This year was a year of growth and learning. Pearly Hens Photography has been blessed with more exposure in the community and meeting new clients and reuniting with loyal clients. It's always fun being able to meet new clients who become friends and to catch up with families who return for their annual photos. This year too, it was such a honor to capture nine weddings! Each bride and groom were special and each had the most fabulous event celebrating their love and their lives together!I hope and pray for more brides and grooms for 2016! Despite the pressure of making sure that I capture the day perfectly for my bride and groom and their guest, I truly love documenting their wedding day. It's my favorite, because I love all the pretty details, the fruition of all the planning and each vendors creative hard work. Its absolutely the best!

This year I tried to start a senior spokesmodel team. I had learned a lot from this experience. I learned to how to improve my photography,and to think creatively and how to communicate with a younger generation who are eager to start their adult lives. I also learned a lot about the business, marketing and how to move forward and to improve for the up coming year. 

My hopes for 2016 are for my friendlients (clients who become friends and friends who are also clients) will see my style become more defined, delivery of quality photography service and products and an experience that is fun and relaxing.

I have lots of ideas and plans in store for the upcoming year as well. There will be giveaways to deserving people. There will be a new event for the class of 2017. There will also be three mini-sessions scheduled for families, couples and individuals who do not have the time for a whole session. I have a couple of other things in the works, so you'll need to follow us here on the blog or Pearly Hens Photography on Facebook and Instagram (@pearlyhensphotography). 


Happy New Year's everyone!!!! Have the best and adventurist 2016 ever!!


Big hugs, 



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Nemeyer Family Session - Christmas trees, christmas lights, happy family oh my! - Napa, CA

Yesterday, I went to Stanly Lane Christmas Tree Lot with one of my favorite families! I met up with Ryan and Shannon and their two daughters. Its been a couple of years since I've had a chance to capture this fun little family. Shannon wanted something with Christmas trees, so of course I took them to one of my favorite they have right on the property with delicious treats and coffee and BBQ ..I know crazy combo, but if you haven't been yet, you should go..

oops, I got a little distracted..back to the family shoot...seriously, check out some of the photos that were captured. It was the perfect light, the trees were just gorgeous and the family is beautiful.  Oh we also, quickly went to the riverfront downtown...Ah-MAZING! its so festive. check it out too..


anyway, here you go. Thank you my dear sweet friends. I love your whole family and watching the girls grow. 

Big hugs!




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November mini sessions - totally last minute - Napa, CA Last week, my little man and I went scouting for locations. I had an upcoming family session to do for a client who lived closer to Santa  Rosa, about an hour away from where we live. Anyway, we found this magical place where there were leaves of yellow,oranges and reds. It was was awesome. Of course I had my little man play in the leaves while we were there.

When we got home, I was editing some of the photos from our little adventure. I wanted to share this place with all my family and friends. I thought seriously, everyone should have their family photos at the location. So I offered a super crazy special just for my family and friends. Four families came out yesterday, and it was super fun. There weren't as many leaves left on the tree, which I was afraid would happen. BUT that didn't hinder anything. 

The best part was that these families were all in different seasons of life with children. It was so cool to see. 

Check out some peeks into each of their sessions! Thank you all for a great time.

Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving. Enjoy the upcoming Christmas season.

Big hugs,



Also, I was able to snap a couple of my own kidlets and my wonderful hubs.

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Samantha's Senior Session - Sun, Sand and fun at Baker's Beach - San Francisco, CA

When I asked Samantha where she wanted to have her senior session done...She immediately said the beach. I listed a few beaches, as they all have different personalities. Samantha said, it doesn't matter as long as we are at the beach! LOL. So after mulling it over, we decided on Baker's Beach down in the city (San Francisco, that is).

It was a perfect Northern california beach day. Sunny, clear skies and wind! Samantha was in heaven and so was I. Minus the wind factor, lol. Although, Sam totally was fierce, worked with the wind and totally rocked her session. Seriously it was such a blast hanging out with Samantha and Joshua Bade, who did her hair and make-up. Samantha is on my senior model team and I have worked with her before. However, this day she completely surprised me with her personality and just the freedom and fun she had that day. 

This little dancer is a total firecracker. You should have seen her jump. Check out some of the images from our time together!

Samantha, thank you so much for a great time. You did fantastic. Continue to have an awesome senior year at American Canyon High. I'm looking forward to seeing what God has in store for your future.


Big hugs, 



Hair and Make-up: Joshua Bade -  JMBade


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Straughn Family Session - Napa, CA

I love all my clients. I especially love the ones like my friends Chris and Sophia who I've watched literally grow. I met them before they had kiddos. I am so honored that they have asked me repeated to capture the different seasons in their lives. Thank you Chris and Sophia for fun afternoon capturing your family and going on a little side trek with me:-)

Check out some of the moments captured. Those kids eyes! seriously though, love them. Also, love love LOVE how Chris and Sophia love each other. 


Big hugs!


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The Kiwi's are back state side- Apple Hill, Rain Family - Placerville, CA What can I say about this family??? Other than I LOVE THEM! We call them our Kiwi family. Dave and Scott, my totally awesome hubs)  are brothers. They had recently returned state side from a 7 year stay in New Zealand where they felt called to start a church. They did just that, but the Lord has called them back here to California, and we are so elated. Its been so fun to watch our kiddos love on their cousins and just totally have fun together. 


And let me tell you, this family shoot was done in the rain up in Apple Hill. Scott actually held a reflector over my head while I took the shot above. Fortunately for them, the weather didn't stop us from getting some pretty awesome images of one my most favorite families ever!


Check out it from our time together...and of course, the cousins and the grandparents made a little appearance too!...


Love you Kiwi's!






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Adrienne - Senior Session - Fall colors and vintage trucks - Class of 2016, Napa, CA

Adrienne is a super fun girl with the fiercest eyes and the best smile. I'm so glad that I have gotten to know Adrienne over the past few months, as she is part of Pearly Hens Photography's Senior Model Team. This Class of 2016 Vintage high schooler is ready to rock the world. I look forward to seeing the adventures that lays before her after she graduates next June!

Here are some images from our time together a couple of weeks ago. Seriously, her eyes! love them. Haley came to assist me and joined the fun too!

Big hugs,


HMUA -  Michaela Daw at Paris Day Salon

Daddy's girl!

Dates are available in January and February for senior photos. Click on the contact tab above to schedule your session!


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Kayla's Senior Session - Bashful, sweet and always smiling - Class of 2016 - Napa, CA Kayla is one of the most bashful and smiley senior that I've met this year. She is a homeschooler and is ready to be done with school. This Class of 2016 girl totally shined through out her late afternoon shoot in the woods! It was simply a pleasure to spend time with her.


Thank you to one of my senior models, Gabriel, for referring your cousin to Pearly Hens Photography for her senior shoot!


Thank you to Micheala Daw from Paris Day Salon for your awesome work as usual!


Big hugs, 



Dates are available in January and February for senior photos. Click on the contact tab above to schedule your session!


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Family Friday - Just the kiddos - Napa, CA

Recognize these sweet faces?? I had another opportunity to take some fall photos of the Molina's kids. I absolutely love taking photos of these kids. They are all well behaved and have the sweetest disposition. For family Friday, I thought I'd share some photos from our time together last week at the pumpkin patch here in town. 

Have a happy Friday!



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Amanda - Senior Photos - Sweet, beautiful and fun - Class of 2016 - Napa, CA  

Amanda is so much fun. Seriously, I love hanging out with this girl. She always has a smile and is full of energy. Not only is she on Pearly Hens Photography's senior model team, she has also become one of the most helpful and enthusiastic members. I simply adore this young lady. Plus my kidlets love it too when I tell them that Amanda is going to watch them while the hubs and I sneak out for a date night or if I have a meeting :-)

We finally had a chance to go out and get her senior photos done. Amanda rocked the session. Seriously, such a stunning girl. It was hard to narrow down my few favorites to share with you all. Check out this Napa High seniors images! 

Amanda, I know you are going to do great things when you go off to college! I look forward to see what God has in store for you!

Big hugs,


HMUA -  Michaela Daw at Paris Day Salon

Dates are available in January and February for senior photos. Click on the contact tab above to schedule your session!

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Haley's Senior shoot - Class of 2016 - a little sass, a little fun - Napa, CA

What can I say about this girl other than I love her! I met Haley and her family about six years ago when she was 11. I can not believe that same girl is this beautiful sassy and fun loving young woman. She is laid back and always happy. When I was thinking about working with seniors, I immediately went to her and asked if she wanted to be a model rep for Pearly Hens Photography. She said yes, and I was stoked. Haley's just so much fun and she brings joy to the team. 

For her senior shoot, she looked absolutely perfect in her little black dress and floppy hat. Her girlie-ness came through. She so rocked the session when she went for her fun loving look.  It was so hard to narrow down my favorites to share with you all.  Check out below how fierce this American Canyon High School senior can be! 

Thank you Haley (and Niemi family) for being the best! I only wish the best for  you and pray that you live life fully for God!


Big hugs,


HMUA -  Michaela Daw at Paris Day Salon


Dates are available in January and February for senior photos. Click on the contact tab above to schedule your session!


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Azevedo Family - horses, open field and willow trees - Napa, CA

I met Heather about 2 years ago when her oldest daughter and Pearl were in the same dance class at the Danse Academy here in town. It was nice getting to know her then. Afterwards, we stayed in touch via FB and just seeing each other around town. Have I told you yet that I've really come to love living in a small town and being in a community. So many good things can happen, like making friends randomly and being able to see each other. Seriously, its great!


Anyway, Heather called up for one my fall sessions that I offered. We had fun. I loved seeing her and meeting her husband, and seeing her girls all grown up. Such beautiful and kind hearted girls. The youngest one is so spunky, I love it! The oldest one, well, she loved the horses too!


Thank you Willie and Heather for inviting me to capture this season of your lives. Check out some of the images from our time together!


Big hugs, 


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Mcbride Family -Horses, Willow trees and a pond - Napa, CA

It's always an honor to be invited to capture this family's annual photos. I've known Harriette since I was eight! I was even there on their first date! This year I invited them to go on another friends' private property. It was a perfect setting for them. There were horses, willow trees, open fields, and a pond! Let's just say the kids loved it!

As always, it was fun hanging out with my life long friends. Check out some images from our time together!

Big hugs,



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