No one smiles for pictures....a peek into one of the most fun family sessions...

January 27, 2015  •  2 Comments

"No one (meaning the guys and kiddos) smiles for photos in this family...ever..." this information was shared with me on several occasions by my dear friends Cassie, Talia and Mandy. oh man, were they were right...mostly:) Can I tell you this was one of my most fun family session so far. I've been wanting to do a family shoot for Steve and Cassie (the ones up front in the middle in the above photo) for quite awhile now. They are blessed to live in a home on a private vineyard property that has a pond, a wide open meadow with huge oak trees, a hiking trail and basic all around picturesque Napa. From the first time I was invited to their home for Talia's (the one in purple)  baby shower about a year ago,  I knew that I wanted to have a chance to do a family shoot here with some clients. Steve and Cassie were so gracious when I finally had the courage to ask if I can do a shoot with one my clients. They said yes! Actually, they have said yes quite a few times. Their place is my secret location. I hope they never move!

From talking to Cassie, I know that it was her hearts desire to take one big family photo..."but no one smiles!"she says.. lol... For quite awhile now, I have been wanting to gift Steve and Cassie a family session, as a "thank you". So I got together with their daughters-in-law (Talia and Mandy) and just scheduled the session. The girls told the family that everyone must show up..."It's for Cassie's Birthday" that was the reason they gave. It had worked! We all showed up this past Sunday afternoon. I brought my little assistant, Pearl, to "help". 

Everything was perfect!...perfectly fun that is... Yes, not everyone liked smiling and yes, the kids were being kids...However, the property was gorgeous! Vivid greens, luscious chestnut colored trees and brilliant yellows from the mustard flowers. Plus the golden hour was upon us and the lighting was just simply amazing. Honestly, its one of those times where I know that God is real, because he painted such a beautiful scenery that no camera, painter or any other artist can truly capture. 

Oh yes, I was able to capture quite a few smiles and smirks after all. Check out this beautiful family's session!

Thank you Steve and Cassie and to your sons and their families. It was a lot of fun Sunday and its been a joy going through your images.  

Happy (early) Birthday Cassie!


Oh and here's a little peek of my assistant! She had fun too. I LOVE this girl!



Pearly Hens Photography
Steve and Cassie, I'm so very pleased that you love them. This makes my heart happy and sires up my passion!
Your post made me cry, thank you, you captured our familia. Your assistant is so cute and fits right in. God has blessed you with amazing talent.
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