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"Believe in something big. Your life is worth a noble motive" -By Walter Anderson

Today, we are have Alex from American Canyon High School! She is Caring Positive Personable. Next year for her senior year, she is looking forward to playing my last year of tennis and making it an amazing year, and definitely a year that I want a lot of new experiences and memories.

Alex, I hope you have the best senior year ever! I look forward to what the God has in store for you!!!




SUPER BONUS for the Class of 2017 - This week only (April 4-8th), schedule your senior session with Pearly Hens Photography this year and receive $100 credit towards your any Senior Collection!  Dates available in June, July and August! .Contact [email protected] or call 858.212.2673 now!

Offer expires midnight April 8th!

Big hugs!!!

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Kelsey & Jose - A Wintery Engagement Session,Placerville, CA Engagement Session by Pearly Hens Photography

I met Kelsey and Jose in the fall of 2013, when they had called wanting to have their photos done for holiday cards that year. I photographed them with Jose's daughter Angeline and their dog Romo. It was a fun time getting to know them. I was grateful that they had trusted me with their photos as Pearly Hens Photography was in its infancy. Then they contacted me again in the fall of 2014 for their holiday cards. I had a good time again getting to know this couple and seeing how much Angeline had grown in the past year. Then this past year, I had such a busy fall season, it wasn't until mid-December, that I had realized that Kelsey didn't contact me for their holiday photos. I was a little sad as I had truly missed them.

Then after Christmas, I received a text from Kelsey reading that Jose had proposed!!!! I was so elated and happy for them! So of course, I invited them to meet up for coffee at Napa Valley Roasting Company so I can listen to all the details of how Jose had proposed. BTW, he surprised her while they were looking at Christmas lights on Paradise Court here in Napa. At the end of our conversation, I was so honored and humbled that they thought of me to capture their winter wedding for the following December.

When we talked about their engagement session, they wanted a wintery - lodge or cabin place that was cozy and snow on the ground. They didn't want it to have a Christmas feel either. I had about two months to think about possible locations. As their engagement session was coming to closer, I was feeling a bit anxious because all of the snow that had fallen in January and February had disappeared due to all of the rain from El Nino. My brilliant husband, suggested that I should invite Kelsey and Jose up to his parents home in Placerville, then he would drive us up highway 50 until we find some snow. 

After I got the okay from my wonderful in-laws, I invited Kelsey, Jose, Angeline and Romo up to their home. It had been seriously down pouring all week prior, and the day of the session was no exception. Despite the wet weather and the adventure of searching for some patches of snow, I'm totally happy with how the whole session turned out. There was a lot of coziness, a lot of love, lots of snow and tons of fun.

Here is a little peak of our time together. I'm looking forward to their wedding in December!!!!

oh ya, and my kids got to hangout with their grandparents to boot :-) lol 




How cute is this ring holder?!Engagement Session by Pearly Hens Photography Engagement Session by Pearly Hens Photography Engagement Session by Pearly Hens Photography

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Family Friday - Mustard Season is here in wine country One of my favorite times of the year has arrived here in Napa! Its mustard season..this is when the whole Napa-Sonoma area are blessed with fields and fields and vineyards of these amazing vivid yellow flowers! Then are pops of oranges sprinkled here and there from the California poppies. Seriously if you haven't been to wine country during this time period, you are missing some beautiful natural artistry. The season usually only last a few weeks..about mid-January to about mid/late March. 

When I started Pearly Hens Photography, I completely fell in love with Mustard season. Who knew that these weeds would can make such eye popping landscapes and perfect backdrops for photo sessions. Every year, I get this itch to take photos out there. I have that itch now!!!

This year, the babes and I had a weekend when it was just us girls. I needed a model for an up coming mini-session promo that was brewing in my head. It didn't take too much convincing to have her put on her fancy dress to model for me. She loves frilly and sparkly. LOL. 

I was totally stoked because that morning the weather was perfect. Then something happened while we were at the store, it was completely hailing and raining out of no where. I was bummed! The babes was bummed! BUT  there was this little small break in the clouds, and just enough golden light left, that we took advantage of the moment.

I'm so blessed to have a daughter with an adventurous soul and being a super trooper. We got in the car, drove around a bit and went to this private driveway that I had been eyeing now for a few weeks! I normally love treelined driveway...but with the mustards along the road and in between the vineyard, I - COULD - NOT - RESIST... I must take photos! LOL.

So we got out and had some serious fun. Yes, it was freee---yo! (frio, cold, very cold)...This did not stop us. We both truly enjoyed ourselves and the light was absolutely perfect! 

I left the session feeling quite blessed about having such wonderfully spirited daughter, for living in an amazing area and totally excited about sharing these images!

As a result of my love for mustard season, and this itch to capture some images, I have a styled mini session slated for next Saturday, February 13th! Only 8 slots! Great time for quick family photos, milestone photos or just to have some fun moments amongst the flowers. Click here: for details and to grab a slot! :


If you made it this far, thank you for letting me share a little part of my time with my babes! Big hugs everyone:)  Enjoy your weekend!




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My friend K.D - Mama Monday - January 11, 2015


Its' #MamaMonday...this week, its all about my friend K.D. This woman is amazingly fun and full of life. The other day we were trying to figure out how we met. We came to the conclusion it was a couple of years ago at one of the All Club playdate for the Napa Mom's club. I knew within the first few minutes of chatting with her, that I was going to like her a lot.


What I love about this lady is that she is real and just plain fun to be around. I love talking to her about how crazy busy our lives are with a family and trying to run our business. Oh, did I mention she's an amazing graphic designer. She is the dear friend who designed Pearly Hens Photography's logo.  Seriously if you need to update your logo or marketing materials, you need to contact this talented lady friend of mine! (Duggan Designs


Anyway, over the past couple of years I have grown to really enjoy my friendship with KD. This lady has lots of life in her and a  whole  lot of love to give to her family and friends. I love hanging out with her at out Napa Mom Club meetings, play dates at the park with our littles, at the 4H rabbit meetings (both our daughters are in the rabbit project this year) or just meeting up for coffee! I always walk away with a smile and thank God for my friend. I hope she knows that I truly appreciate her!

Happy #mamamonday everyone! 

Big hugs,





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Gracie D - Turning 8 will be great! - Napa, CA

For my first photoshoot of 2016, I had the honor of capturing Gracie who just celebrated her 8th birthday! This beautiful young girl was so much fun to capture. I love how her parents want to celebrate her and capture this age. Her victorian inspired tutu dress was quite darling that she wore with her ballet inspired flats. I asked my daughter Pearl to see if she wanted to come assist at her friend's shoot. I'm so glad that she came, because 1) its always fun to have her with me and 2) Pearl helped Gracie to be more relaxed and have fun! 

Check out it! Happy Birthday Gracie! have a fantabulous year being 8!


Big Hugs, 


Dress: Trish Scully Child

Location: Napa River Inn, Napa CA








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Wedding Wednesday - 2015 Wedding Season Image Review! It's Wednesday! For 2016, I'm implementing Wedding Wednesdays. My goal for this year is to dedicate Wednesday's for the day where I will be blogging about all things related to weddings from a photographer's point of view. On wedding Wednesdays I may review my most recent wedding or engagement session.

I plan on to blog about all sorts of topics; such as a wedding from a photographer's perspective, sharing photos of details, cakes and rings, the pro's and con's of having an unplug wedding, to have a first look or not to have a first look, why take a photo's of the wedding dress, and etc...all from a behind my camera's perspective.

My hope for Wednesdays is that when you click to the next website, you receive a little insight about weddings from a photographer's perspective. Maybe you'll even get inspired for your own wedding. For the photographer's out there, I definitely would love to hear from you! Although, I will have to be real honest with you, there may be some Wednesdays where I'll just be sharing pretty photos with no words:-)  Some weeks are just going to be crazy...just sayin' :-)

For this first Wedding Wednesday of the new year, I am simply sharing images from my 2015 wedding season! The weddings ranged from an ultra-creative-DIY-Alice-in-Wonderland-themed wedding to classically romantic to modern glam. There even was a surprise weddings! I was honored to capture weddings at wineries, vineyards, museums and private homes and estates as well as parks and beautiful churches. I love weddings. period. Being able to witness couples who love each other and are ready to start their new adventure together is always a blessing. I am just so so so very honored that I get to capture the beginning of this season in their lives. I wish and hope for all my 2015 newlyweds a long life together full of love, passion and commitment!

Enjoy the year in review this past year. :-)

Big hugs,


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Mama Monday! - Featuring Shannon N.

This is my friend Shannon. She doesn't know yet, but she is my first mama friend that I'm featuring on Mama Mondays! It's the 4th day of the New Year, and I'm going to begin featuring Mom's on Mondays. These ladies will either be friends, clients or relatives. Each week I plan to brag, love and share with you all what makes each of these woman special to me and what I love about her. I'm surrounded by so many mama's who are dear and near to my heart, so why not talk about them. 


So Shannon, what can I say about her. This lady makes me laugh and reminds me to enjoy life and to trust God in all circumstances. I remember the first time that I saw her in my daughter's 2 year old preschool orientation day. I didn't realize at the time that we would be kindred spirits. Over the weeks as we pass each other at drop offs and pick ups, we had become friends. I realized we had quite a few things in common such as our love for Jesus, we were both fairly new to the community and we both had daughters! 


One of the best memories I have of Shannon is the time that I invited her family to come over and have dinner with mine. While our littles were playing, we sat around and talked about our marriages, you know how we each met our spouses, our first dates and our first pregnancies. OMG, can I tell you that my husband and I never laughed so hard in our lives. 


What I love about her the most is her spirit of encouragement and support. She will always be one of the first to encourage me and support me in whatever crazy goals I have set for myself. When I first decided that I would take the  leap of faith into the photography business, she and her family was one of my first clients. They continue to support me each year, as I am honored to capture their lives!

Its been amazing to watch her on her weight loss journey for the pass year . Not only has this journey been transforming her body but she has also learned to love herself more and encourage others to do so as well. She is a goal-achieving-strong-woman and absolute perfect mama role model for her two daughters. 

Thank You Shannon for your friendship. I truly enjoy who you are. I know you can handle everything that God puts in front of you. You always make me laugh from the heart! I still crack up from our last text conversation about your last photoshoot! 

Big hugs to my sweet friend and I hope and pray that everyone else has a Shannon in their lives,


#mamamondays #featuredfriends #loveyourfriend #laughfromtheheart #youareloved

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goodbye 2015, hello 2016!  

I can hardly believe that a year has gone by again. This year was a year of growth and learning. Pearly Hens Photography has been blessed with more exposure in the community and meeting new clients and reuniting with loyal clients. It's always fun being able to meet new clients who become friends and to catch up with families who return for their annual photos. This year too, it was such a honor to capture nine weddings! Each bride and groom were special and each had the most fabulous event celebrating their love and their lives together!I hope and pray for more brides and grooms for 2016! Despite the pressure of making sure that I capture the day perfectly for my bride and groom and their guest, I truly love documenting their wedding day. It's my favorite, because I love all the pretty details, the fruition of all the planning and each vendors creative hard work. Its absolutely the best!

This year I tried to start a senior spokesmodel team. I had learned a lot from this experience. I learned to how to improve my photography,and to think creatively and how to communicate with a younger generation who are eager to start their adult lives. I also learned a lot about the business, marketing and how to move forward and to improve for the up coming year. 

My hopes for 2016 are for my friendlients (clients who become friends and friends who are also clients) will see my style become more defined, delivery of quality photography service and products and an experience that is fun and relaxing.

I have lots of ideas and plans in store for the upcoming year as well. There will be giveaways to deserving people. There will be a new event for the class of 2017. There will also be three mini-sessions scheduled for families, couples and individuals who do not have the time for a whole session. I have a couple of other things in the works, so you'll need to follow us here on the blog or Pearly Hens Photography on Facebook and Instagram (@pearlyhensphotography). 


Happy New Year's everyone!!!! Have the best and adventurist 2016 ever!!


Big hugs, 



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Nemeyer Family Session - Christmas trees, christmas lights, happy family oh my! - Napa, CA

Yesterday, I went to Stanly Lane Christmas Tree Lot with one of my favorite families! I met up with Ryan and Shannon and their two daughters. Its been a couple of years since I've had a chance to capture this fun little family. Shannon wanted something with Christmas trees, so of course I took them to one of my favorite they have right on the property with delicious treats and coffee and BBQ ..I know crazy combo, but if you haven't been yet, you should go..

oops, I got a little distracted..back to the family shoot...seriously, check out some of the photos that were captured. It was the perfect light, the trees were just gorgeous and the family is beautiful.  Oh we also, quickly went to the riverfront downtown...Ah-MAZING! its so festive. check it out too..


anyway, here you go. Thank you my dear sweet friends. I love your whole family and watching the girls grow. 

Big hugs!




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November mini sessions - totally last minute - Napa, CA Last week, my little man and I went scouting for locations. I had an upcoming family session to do for a client who lived closer to Santa  Rosa, about an hour away from where we live. Anyway, we found this magical place where there were leaves of yellow,oranges and reds. It was was awesome. Of course I had my little man play in the leaves while we were there.

When we got home, I was editing some of the photos from our little adventure. I wanted to share this place with all my family and friends. I thought seriously, everyone should have their family photos at the location. So I offered a super crazy special just for my family and friends. Four families came out yesterday, and it was super fun. There weren't as many leaves left on the tree, which I was afraid would happen. BUT that didn't hinder anything. 

The best part was that these families were all in different seasons of life with children. It was so cool to see. 

Check out some peeks into each of their sessions! Thank you all for a great time.

Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving. Enjoy the upcoming Christmas season.

Big hugs,



Also, I was able to snap a couple of my own kidlets and my wonderful hubs.

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Family Kenwood Mini Photos Session fall leaves peeks sneak Sat, 28 Nov 2015 17:26:48 GMT
Samantha's Senior Session - Sun, Sand and fun at Baker's Beach - San Francisco, CA

When I asked Samantha where she wanted to have her senior session done...She immediately said the beach. I listed a few beaches, as they all have different personalities. Samantha said, it doesn't matter as long as we are at the beach! LOL. So after mulling it over, we decided on Baker's Beach down in the city (San Francisco, that is).

It was a perfect Northern california beach day. Sunny, clear skies and wind! Samantha was in heaven and so was I. Minus the wind factor, lol. Although, Sam totally was fierce, worked with the wind and totally rocked her session. Seriously it was such a blast hanging out with Samantha and Joshua Bade, who did her hair and make-up. Samantha is on my senior model team and I have worked with her before. However, this day she completely surprised me with her personality and just the freedom and fun she had that day. 

This little dancer is a total firecracker. You should have seen her jump. Check out some of the images from our time together!

Samantha, thank you so much for a great time. You did fantastic. Continue to have an awesome senior year at American Canyon High. I'm looking forward to seeing what God has in store for your future.


Big hugs, 



Hair and Make-up: Joshua Bade -  JMBade


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Straughn Family Session - Napa, CA

I love all my clients. I especially love the ones like my friends Chris and Sophia who I've watched literally grow. I met them before they had kiddos. I am so honored that they have asked me repeated to capture the different seasons in their lives. Thank you Chris and Sophia for fun afternoon capturing your family and going on a little side trek with me:-)

Check out some of the moments captured. Those kids eyes! seriously though, love them. Also, love love LOVE how Chris and Sophia love each other. 


Big hugs!


[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) 4 Eucalyptus Vineyard family of Tue, 17 Nov 2015 08:57:33 GMT
The Kiwi's are back state side- Apple Hill, Rain Family - Placerville, CA What can I say about this family??? Other than I LOVE THEM! We call them our Kiwi family. Dave and Scott, my totally awesome hubs)  are brothers. They had recently returned state side from a 7 year stay in New Zealand where they felt called to start a church. They did just that, but the Lord has called them back here to California, and we are so elated. Its been so fun to watch our kiddos love on their cousins and just totally have fun together. 


And let me tell you, this family shoot was done in the rain up in Apple Hill. Scott actually held a reflector over my head while I took the shot above. Fortunately for them, the weather didn't stop us from getting some pretty awesome images of one my most favorite families ever!


Check out it from our time together...and of course, the cousins and the grandparents made a little appearance too!...


Love you Kiwi's!






[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Apple Hill fall Session family kiwis Sun, 15 Nov 2015 16:31:26 GMT
Adrienne - Senior Session - Fall colors and vintage trucks - Class of 2016, Napa, CA

Adrienne is a super fun girl with the fiercest eyes and the best smile. I'm so glad that I have gotten to know Adrienne over the past few months, as she is part of Pearly Hens Photography's Senior Model Team. This Class of 2016 Vintage high schooler is ready to rock the world. I look forward to seeing the adventures that lays before her after she graduates next June!

Here are some images from our time together a couple of weeks ago. Seriously, her eyes! love them. Haley came to assist me and joined the fun too!

Big hugs,


HMUA -  Michaela Daw at Paris Day Salon

Daddy's girl!

Dates are available in January and February for senior photos. Click on the contact tab above to schedule your session!


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Kayla's Senior Session - Bashful, sweet and always smiling - Class of 2016 - Napa, CA Kayla is one of the most bashful and smiley senior that I've met this year. She is a homeschooler and is ready to be done with school. This Class of 2016 girl totally shined through out her late afternoon shoot in the woods! It was simply a pleasure to spend time with her.


Thank you to one of my senior models, Gabriel, for referring your cousin to Pearly Hens Photography for her senior shoot!


Thank you to Micheala Daw from Paris Day Salon for your awesome work as usual!


Big hugs, 



Dates are available in January and February for senior photos. Click on the contact tab above to schedule your session!


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Family Friday - Just the kiddos - Napa, CA

Recognize these sweet faces?? I had another opportunity to take some fall photos of the Molina's kids. I absolutely love taking photos of these kids. They are all well behaved and have the sweetest disposition. For family Friday, I thought I'd share some photos from our time together last week at the pumpkin patch here in town. 

Have a happy Friday!



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Amanda - Senior Photos - Sweet, beautiful and fun - Class of 2016 - Napa, CA  

Amanda is so much fun. Seriously, I love hanging out with this girl. She always has a smile and is full of energy. Not only is she on Pearly Hens Photography's senior model team, she has also become one of the most helpful and enthusiastic members. I simply adore this young lady. Plus my kidlets love it too when I tell them that Amanda is going to watch them while the hubs and I sneak out for a date night or if I have a meeting :-)

We finally had a chance to go out and get her senior photos done. Amanda rocked the session. Seriously, such a stunning girl. It was hard to narrow down my few favorites to share with you all. Check out this Napa High seniors images! 

Amanda, I know you are going to do great things when you go off to college! I look forward to see what God has in store for you!

Big hugs,


HMUA -  Michaela Daw at Paris Day Salon

Dates are available in January and February for senior photos. Click on the contact tab above to schedule your session!

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Haley's Senior shoot - Class of 2016 - a little sass, a little fun - Napa, CA

What can I say about this girl other than I love her! I met Haley and her family about six years ago when she was 11. I can not believe that same girl is this beautiful sassy and fun loving young woman. She is laid back and always happy. When I was thinking about working with seniors, I immediately went to her and asked if she wanted to be a model rep for Pearly Hens Photography. She said yes, and I was stoked. Haley's just so much fun and she brings joy to the team. 

For her senior shoot, she looked absolutely perfect in her little black dress and floppy hat. Her girlie-ness came through. She so rocked the session when she went for her fun loving look.  It was so hard to narrow down my favorites to share with you all.  Check out below how fierce this American Canyon High School senior can be! 

Thank you Haley (and Niemi family) for being the best! I only wish the best for  you and pray that you live life fully for God!


Big hugs,


HMUA -  Michaela Daw at Paris Day Salon


Dates are available in January and February for senior photos. Click on the contact tab above to schedule your session!


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Azevedo Family - horses, open field and willow trees - Napa, CA

I met Heather about 2 years ago when her oldest daughter and Pearl were in the same dance class at the Danse Academy here in town. It was nice getting to know her then. Afterwards, we stayed in touch via FB and just seeing each other around town. Have I told you yet that I've really come to love living in a small town and being in a community. So many good things can happen, like making friends randomly and being able to see each other. Seriously, its great!


Anyway, Heather called up for one my fall sessions that I offered. We had fun. I loved seeing her and meeting her husband, and seeing her girls all grown up. Such beautiful and kind hearted girls. The youngest one is so spunky, I love it! The oldest one, well, she loved the horses too!


Thank you Willie and Heather for inviting me to capture this season of your lives. Check out some of the images from our time together!


Big hugs, 


[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) family family of four horses private property sneak peeks Sun, 25 Oct 2015 22:45:00 GMT
Mcbride Family -Horses, Willow trees and a pond - Napa, CA

It's always an honor to be invited to capture this family's annual photos. I've known Harriette since I was eight! I was even there on their first date! This year I invited them to go on another friends' private property. It was a perfect setting for them. There were horses, willow trees, open fields, and a pond! Let's just say the kids loved it!

As always, it was fun hanging out with my life long friends. Check out some images from our time together!

Big hugs,



[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Vineyard family private property sneak peeks Sun, 25 Oct 2015 10:22:59 GMT
Jessica's Senior Session - Class of 2016 - Napa, CA "Don't let the eyeliner and perfume confuse ya, she can go from make up to mud in three seconds." - Unknown

I had the best time hanging out with Jessica for her senior session. This girl is not only beautiful but super fun-loving. Jessica is a girlie tom-boy, who loves getting dolled up but can spend the afternoon helping her dad with their old trucks. So of course we included her green truck in her shoot. 

I love that Jessica is also one of my first senior models this year representing Vintage High School! I also love that she can rock her glasses.  I look forward to seeing where God will be leading her when she graduates in June!

Take a little peek some of the her fabulousness from her senior session!

Want to schedule your senior model session? This includes hair and make up, contact [email protected] for details. Limited dates available in November, December and January. 


Big hugs, 

- aurora 



[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Class of 2016 Jessica Senior Model Senior Portraits Vineyard family trucks Thu, 22 Oct 2015 23:48:26 GMT
Chelsea and Matt - A wedding in a forest– Georgetown, CA

I had the blessed opportunity to document my friend Chelsea’s Wedding a couple of Saturday’s ago. It was great to see Chelsea marry Matt. They have such a fun love story. They had met at church and hanged out with the same group of friends. One of Matt’s friend, Daniel, just happens to be Chelsea’s brother. Needless to say they hanged out a lot. It took awhile, for Matt to finally as Chelsea out. On their first date, went to play disc golf...or is it Frisbee golf?? What fun right?!? So when they told me that were getting married where they had their first date, I was intrigued. I was looking forward to what the location would be like for their wedding day.


Needless to say, I was completely amazed. With all their family and friends, these two pulled off an amazingly beautiful DIY wedding in a forest! Seriously, gold, reds, white…a chandelier ! it was beautiful.


The things that I love about this wedding –


- The chandelier!!! – I know I keep mentioning it, but it really was cool to see. The ceremony area was so elegant with  the chandlier hanging down, and the long white muslins draping freely a across the trees.


  • Chelsea’s Vintage lace wedding dress with gold overlays. She simply looked so elegant and beautiful.


  • The white and gold with the pop of red everywhere was so eye catching. I loved the bridesmaid’s dresses, and their red mary jane pumps, the red and gold apples, red roses…and Chelsea sprayed her white roses gold! Her bouquet was so beautiful.


  • I love Matt’s Reasons why he loves Chelsea.


  • The giraffe and bird cake toppers…Matt loves giraffe’s and Chelsea’s nick name is “Birdie”


  • Oh the best thing was that Matt and Chelsea had never kissed during their entire relationship. Their first kiss was going to be at the wedding. So yes, I definitely caught that FIRST kiss! After that first kiss, they couldn’t help but always touching lips the rest of the day!  So stinking cute! Love it!


There is so much more that I love about their wedding, but this would be the longest blog ever! So as I’m finishing up the last little edits from their wedding. Take a little peek of this beautiful day!


Congratulations Chelsea and Matt! May the Lord bless your marriage always!

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) gold outdoor red vintage wedding Wed, 21 Oct 2015 21:56:23 GMT
Salazar’s Family Session in Yountville And Rocca Vineyard, Napa Valley

This past Sunday, I finally had the honor of capturing Syd and Debbie’s in this season of their family.  Our kiddos go to the same school together.  It was such a fun time getting to know their family a little better.  When I have fun clients like the Salazars, I never know what fun images I may be able to capture. Josh and Sophie are such little hams.  I love the jumping around and the climbing of trees.  I also love how the family loves each other. I hope you can see a glimpse of the fondness they have for each other in this little sneak peek of their session.


Thank you Salazar family for a great time and be willing to go on a little adventure with me!



Thank you to Rocca Winery sharing your property with me. I truly appreciate it.

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) PearlyHensPhotography Vineyard family photography sneak peeks Wed, 07 Oct 2015 15:57:57 GMT
Jenny and Gabby - Mama and daughter time - Napa, CA - Morning Session

Yesterday I had a fun opportunity to hangout with my high school friend Jenny and her daughter Gabby. They drove out to me here in Napa pretty early in the morning to have their Mommy and Me session. I had photographed them two years ago when Gabby was turning 4. Last year, we both got so busy we didn't have the chance to catch her when was 5. This year, I contacted my sweet friend early and schedule a date before I knew that my fall family sessions would fill up my calendar.

Being a single mom is a tough job. Documenting this season is her life is one of my favorite gifts to give. 

It was good to see them. Gabby has grown up so much in the past couple of years. Jenny is as sweet and beautiful as ever. These two love each other! Afterwards, they stayed around a bit longer and hanged out with my family. Our kidlets had so great time together playing. 

Anyhow, check out some photos from their session!


There are a couple of dates still available in November for a fall family session. Click on "Contact " for more details and set up your date! 


aurora :-)


[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Vineyard and family me mommy sneak peeks Mon, 28 Sep 2015 00:20:00 GMT
Saquoyah's Senior Session - Napa, CA - Rodriguez High School - Class of 2016 To say that Saquayah is beautiful, would be an understatement. It was so much fun capturing this class of 2016 young woman. She wanted a woodsy, with water, and just a fun natural environment for her senior session. So I took her around to a couple of my favorite spots. Her hair and make-up was done by the wonderful and talented Michaela Daw from Paris Day Spa. The lighting couldn't be more perfect. My camera absolutely love her. Don't you think she kind of looks like Lauren Conrad too! This hard working intelligent natural beauty is going to do great when she goes to Boise State next year!

Have a great last year at Rodriguez High Saquoyah! Make the best of of it and enjoy every minute!

Check out some peeks from her session!

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) blue dress cap and gown class of 2016 river senior session sneak peeks woodsy Mon, 14 Sep 2015 21:35:43 GMT
Brittney's Bridal Session - Madorom Vineyard, Napa Valley, CA

I had captured Brittney and Adam’s super fun filled wedding this past June.  You can check out their wedding review on my blog here. Anyway, last Thursday night I had a chance to capture Brittney again in her wedding dress. It was so much fun. She not only got to wear her dress again, but she had her hair and make up done again.


I took her back to MadoroM Vineyard and just spent late afternoon with her. It was an easy and relaxing time to just capture her really just enjoying herself in her wedding dress. The golden light was pure perfection. Adam also was able to join in on the fun. And I was able to capture the sweetest images of them together.


Check out these peeks from her bridal session. 



For my past and future brides, we should really get together again after your weddings and book a bridal session. You’ll get to wear your wedding dress again and I get a chance to capture timeless images of you in an more relaxed, non time constraint environment. Plus its just super fun!


Location: MadoroM Vineyard, Napa, CA  (Thank you Amador Family for opening your property again

Hair and Make – up Artist: Michaela Daw at Paris Day Spa, Napa, CA

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) PearlyHensPhotography Vineyard photography sneak peeks wedding Thu, 20 Aug 2015 09:29:57 GMT
Stephanie & Jack - San Francisco Engagement Session - Sneak Peeks

What do you get when a San Francisco girl meets a British guy??..These two fun lovebirds! Stephanie and Jack were so much fun to be with and to listen to their story. They truly love each other. And it showed every photo during their engagement session down in the City.


The San Francisco Ferry building and the piers along the embarcadero have become one of my favorite places to take photos. So when these two were in town for a very short period (they are both currently living in London), I was completely elated when Stephanie said she wanted their engagement session to be done at the Ferry building.


I loved everything about their session. I love how they love each other. I love that they wanted to capture images that were playful.


So here it is, check out some peeks from their fun engagement session! I look forward to your wedding!

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) PearlyHensPhotography San Francisco Ferry Building engagement sneak peeks Mon, 17 Aug 2015 08:09:13 GMT
Summer fun with the Mathis Family

Stephanie and Brett were the auction winners from my daughter’s crab feed fundraiser this past February. A couple of weeks ago, they redeemed their auction win. This family is a past client, so to be able to spend with them again was such a pleasure.


 Stephanie had a seafood feed celebrating Brett and her dad’s and aunt’s right before I had arrived for the photoshoot. So for our session, we  included the entire extended family.  It was such fun getting to know all of them.


Check out a few of the photos from our time together. Thank you Mathis family for a good time!

Sometimes, you just have to take a funny face photo! Love this!

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) family large family portraits photography Wed, 05 Aug 2015 18:09:00 GMT
The Molinas Family - Capturing this season

I has the honor of capturing this lovely family. Check out a few images that I was able to freeze during this season of their lives. Thank you Molinas family for a fun afternoon. 

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) 7 Blue and Toupe Oxbow Toddler family golden hour of Sat, 01 Aug 2015 08:39:38 GMT
Jillian and Joe's - Glamorous wedding at the Curiodessy Museum

What can I say about this couple??? Serious I love these two. I’m so glad that they found me and booked me to capture their wedding. From our first meeting to their engagement session to their wedding day, our friendship has grown.  All this combined had made their wedding so much more fun to capture and to be part of the celebration.

What I love about the wedding…

  • The venue! They had their ceremony at the Curiodessy Museum located in San Mateo. It has been by far one of the most unique and fun venue. The otters even came out for photos. I also love the eucalyptus grove behind the museum. It was the perfect setting for this fun couple and their bridal party for photos.
  • The dress. Jillian was gorgeous in that Maggie Sotterro dress. IT fit her perfectly.
  • I love have the first look at Pier 5, the same place we had their engagement session.
  • The dessert bar from Just Delightful Cakery was amazingly beautiful and tasty. There was even a smores bar included. Super yum!
  • Jenny’s Churros was present serving churros. 
  • Photo booth fun provided by Mobofoto
  • An espresso bar from Maya Espresso. This is a photographer's dream midway through the party.
  • The mariachi band during the ceremony and cocktail hour. 
  • All the little details: the little sparkly black love birds on the cake from Rachel's Cake's, the little bottles of Tapatio favors, that were also seating assignments, the black and gold globe where the guest leave their thumbprints as a "guest book", flowers and candles everywhere, the luminaries that guided the guest to the parking lot at the end of the night. I could go on and on. One for thing for sure is that Jillian and Joe had thought of everything and made sure that everyone had the best time ever.
  • Last but not least..the RINGS! you know I love wedding rings and I love taking photos of them. Jillian and Joe's rings were so sparkly. LOVE it!


Every family and friend present had truly enjoyed Jillian and Joe’s celebration. 

Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Toomey for inviting me into your lives.  Enjoy this little bit of what’s to come in your gallery.



Locations: Hyatt Regency, San Francisco , CA(getting ready), Pier 5, San Francisco, CA(first look) CuriOdyssey Museum, San Mateo (Ceremony and reception)

Videographer: Jessida Putkaew, Passion Videography LLC , Albany, CA

Brides Dress : Maggie Sottero

Shoes: Ivanka Trump

Coordinator:  Nikki Pieper , with Soirees of Life 

Caterer: Pacific Coast Catering , Carmel, CA

DJ: DW Mobile DJ Dwayne Wilson

Lighting and Photobooth: Mobofoto, Concord, CA

Hair & makeup - Tamara Locke

dessert Bar- Just Delightful Cakery -, Fairfield, CA

Cake - Rachel's Cake's , Burlingame, CA

Churros :Jenny's Churros, Albany, CA

Limo Transportation: A Cut Above

Priest: St. Andrews Fr. Piers Lahey

Chivari Chairs: iCelebrate

Mariachi Music:Trio Sol de Mexico , San Jose, CA

Espresso Bar: Maya Espresso , Emeryville, CA

Flowers:  Patti Toomey , Joe’s Mom

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) PearlyHensPhotography black and gold curiodessy museum wedding video Fri, 31 Jul 2015 06:36:29 GMT
Brittney and Adam - Madorom Vineyard Wedding I love this couple. They are so much fun.  I truly love their families. From the moment that I went to take photos of Adam at his aunt and uncle's property the first look to the speeches and until the very end, I was just happy to be with them. I was so glad to capture their day. 

What I love:

- the green converse that Adam adorn his feet and black converse that all the groomsmen wore.

-the glass blown dragonfly clip that was Adam's gift to Brittney. It represented her mom, who had passed away.  

-their first look, and Brittney's father's first look

-the bridesmaids dresses and the groomsmen's suspenders

-the venue! MadoroM Vineyard is an amazingly beautiful property. It was picture perfect for a Napa Valley summer wedding.

-the speeches that were full of love and emotion.

-the huge food truck from RING of Fire! That was amazing food and everything came out of that giant army truck.

I could probably go on and on. but I'm actually going to meet up with Brittney and Adam in  a few minutes to give them a sneak peek of their slideshow video. Check it out below and a few other peeks from their wedding.



Congratulations Brittney and Adam! Praying for many years of joyful moments and happiness through any trials that may come. 



Location : Madorom Vineyard, Napa

Event Planner/Coordinator : Jen Niemi and Jessica Smith, Bella Eden Events, Napa

Caterer : Ring of Fire, Napa

Brides Dress : Maggie Sottero

Men’s Suits : Mens Warehouse

Hair and Make-up: Mallory Pridmore, Prima Bella Salon and Boutique , vacaville.
Sisters Salon and Boutique, Yountville.

Flowers: Nana, Brittney’s Grandma

Thank you Sakhon Nhek for being a great second shooter!


[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Adam Brittney Vineyard and converse family wedding Wed, 22 Jul 2015 05:47:19 GMT
Avery's Senior Session!

While in San Diego, I was also able to meet up with another college friend and his family. Doug is another friend that I met that first week of move into the residence hall.  Doug and Jael are missionaries with New Tribes Missions out in Indonesia. I have been praying for them and their family for 20 plus years. The last time that I saw them, was in my townhouse down in Pacific Beach about 17 years ago. Their oldest daughter Avery, was only about 1 or 1.5 years old.

I cannot believe that she is 18 and will be going to Biola this coming fall! She has grown up to be a beautiful young lady with a heart for Jesus.

It was so fun having a senior session with Avery and include her family too!

Congratulations Avery! You’ll do great at Biola. Robitaille family I will continue to pray for you guys!

Here’s a little peek of Avery’s session at the iconic Balboa Park. 

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Balboa Park PearlyHensPhotography San Diego senior session sneak peeks Sun, 19 Jul 2015 23:05:50 GMT
Oh how I love this familyi!

In the midst of wedding season, I went on vacation with my family down to southern California. We had the most fun adventures, Disneyland, the beaches, San Diego Zoo and most importantly family time.


I had a chance to see so many friends and their families. The time spent down was truly a sweet time.  One of the friends that I got to see was my dear college friend Karina. We literally met the first day of move into Tenochca Hall at SDSU. 


She invited me to do their family photos. Not just her immediate family, but her whole family. I was honored and excited because Karina and her family took me in while I was in college.I practically lived at Mr. and Mrs.’s Perera’s home through out college and after college. I got to know all of them, aunts, uncles and cousins. To say that I love this family is an understatement. Truly, this family will always have a place in my heart.


So when we got together at the Cerritos Sculpture Garden, it was like a mini family reunion for me.  It was nice to see that they all looked the same. It was also surprising and almost shocking to see Keesha’s (Karina’s sister) kids all grown up. There were also a few new guys added to the family.


Thank you to this special family for letting me capture this season in your life. You all have always loved each other and love being with each other. And it still continues on.   Here’s a little peek of what family joy and love looks like. 

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) PearlyHensPhotography cerritos family garden one big happy family perera's photography sculpture Sun, 19 Jul 2015 02:26:28 GMT
Denae and Matt- Family Fun Wedding in Boise Idaho!


Earlier in June I was able to capture a family wedding. Not just any wedding. This was the wedding of Denae, my husband's younger cousin. She and her now husband, Matt, got married out in Boise, Idaho. Even though I was the photographer for Denae and Matt, I was also able to enjoy my time seeing all of Scott's family. 

Here's what I loved about the wedding:

-Denae wore her grandmother Nina's wedding dress. Her wedding dress was customized for Nina (pronounced 'Nine-nah') way back in 40's. What was amazing, that Denae barely had any alterations. She had wore the dress pretty much how grandma had worn it on her wedding day. All silk and quite fragile. Loved it!

-Grandma Nina, had passed away a couple of summers ago. She was definitely remembered throughout the day.

-the rings! If you have been following my blogs, you may have noticed that I love wedding rings. I love shooting them. I love the uniqueness if each one. Denae and Matt's was definitely unique. I adored the ruby and the gold metal. It was definitely gorgeous.

-the ring bearer and flowergirl were definitely my favorites. Not that I am biased or anything. It was so much fun to see my kidlets be part of the ceremony. It definitely was a proud mama moment, especially because they did great! They weren't she or freaked out. lol.


Welcome to the family Matt! and Congratulations to you and Denae! Many years of happiness and blessings to you both!

Enjoy the little video of your beautiful day.


[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Boise, Idaho wedding Elk cake toppers budget cake family park pink ruby ring wedding Sat, 11 Jul 2015 17:34:41 GMT
Elizabeth and Trevor - Private Estate Wedding


Elizabeth and Trevor are so much fun! We did their engagement session in mid-October of last year. Their dog Baker joined us during their late afternoon in Glen Oaks, CA. This was his test to see if would be included in the wedding. Unfortunately, he failed the test during that shoot and he wasn't able to join us during the wedding.  But this didn't stop Elizabeth and Trevor from sharing their love for dogs.  From their place cards to their table assignments, there were references to Baker and other dog breeds that they love.

Everything about their wedding was beautiful. So much love and preparation went into it. The Bride and Groom added so many personal touches. Elizabeth is the nanny of the two flower girls. She had become part of their family. Which is why the family had opened up their property to this couple. With the help of Michelle from Sugar Pops Events, they had transformed their backyard and driveway into a beautiful and fun-filled venue.

The other unique twist that I simply adored, was the first look. This wasn't the traditional first look, where the groom gets to see the bride alone.  Instead Elizabeth wanted to capture the initial reaction of when her mom, maid of honor, bridesmaids and flower girls saw her in the wedding dress.  The jaw dropping and eyes filled with happy tears was simply joyous and full of adoration for the bride.  I was completely honored to have been able to capture this sweet moment of true friendships between women and girls.

Elizabeth and Trevor love each other, and love being married. They also loved every single guest that celebrated with them and vice versa. This was evident throughout the whole day.

Thank you both for inviting me to capture your day! I seriously enjoyed your day!

Check out this video for a peek into their celebration!



Coordinator: Michelle Coleman,

Videographer: Ryan Tan,

Cake: Safeway

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) PearlyHensPhotography Pengrove private estate wedding Sat, 27 Jun 2015 10:39:43 GMT
Anna & Chris - Sweet afternoon celebration in St. Helena

I was honored to capture Anna and Chris' wedding a few weeks ago here in the wine country. The ceremony was held at the quaint Holy Family Mission Church in Rutherford, CA. The church itself is beautiful to capture. The reception took place at Trespass Vineyard & Winery, where El Coqui served up the most scrumptious Puerto Rican meal.

Anna's dress and veil were amazing! All that lace and detail was simply gorgeous. Plus Anna was just stunning and wore the dress so well. Loved that a custom wine was made just for their wedding and were tagged given to each guest.

This was my first time working alongside Tina and Jackie from El Coqui  and Shaun and Paris with Tamara J Events. They were so much fun. I look forward to the next time we can do an event together.

Jazz music from The Abe Train in the background, lawn games, and a delicious dinner in the vineyard. I loved the long table arrangement, with the  white flowered tablescape. It was all simply quite elegant.

Thank you Anna and Chris for inviting me to your celebration. I wish and pray for many years of happiness and blessings together!

There were just too many photos to share as a sneak peek, so I hope you enjoy this video instead! Anna & Chris - An afternoon in the vineyard




Venue and Vendors:

Ceremony: Holy Family Mission Church, Rutherford, CA

Reception: Trespass Vineyard & Winery, St. Helena CA

Wedding Planner : Tamara J Events, Napa, CA

Caterer: El Coqui, Santa Rosa, CA

Cake: Sweetie Pies Bakery, Napa, CA

Tables/Chairs/Umbrella: Classic Party Rental, St. Helena, CA

Band: The Abe Train

Florist: Garaventa Florist, Napa, CA

Make-up Artist: Greenhause Spa, Napa, CA


[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) PearlyHensPhotography Vineyard photography sneak peeks wedding Thu, 11 Jun 2015 06:15:39 GMT
Veronnica and Josh's Wedding - Fun, Vintage Glam Celebration  


That's the only word I can describe this couple. Veronnica and Josh were so much fun, and it was such a pleasure capturing their day. From the moment I walked into the girls getting ready until I walked out of the Vinoce Winery, there was a lot of love and energy through out the day that you couldn't help but enjoy their day.

What I loved about the celebration:

- Veronnica's dress and her shoes.. ..those shoes! seriously, ladies, they were so lovely and sparkly!

- The flowergirls were Veronnica's great-great-grandma, great grandma and three grandma's

- The use of Josh's quote with their little favors.

- The emotion of Veronnica's father as he walks her down the aisle

- The silentness of the buddhist tea ceremony

- The overwhelming pure joy and support from all of the couples family and friends. Truly it was palpable. 

Thank you Veronnica and Josh for inviting me to capture your day. I only wish and pray for a life time of peace and love and happiness for one another. 




Ceremony : Yountville Community Center , Yountville, CA

Reception : Vinoce Winery , Napa, CA

DJ: Matthew Ray Music , Napa, CA

Cake: Buttercream Bakery , Napa, CA

Flowers: Chloe Noggle 

Caterer: Back Forty Texas BBQ 


[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Buddhist ceremony Vineyard Vinoce Winery sneak peeks wedding Wed, 03 Jun 2015 05:55:25 GMT
Parisa and Leif - Surprise Wedding!

A few months ago, I received the most pleasant surprise on my facebook page.  My friend Parisa from San Leandro High had messaged me inquiring about wedding prices. After reading the entire message, I responded right away with an absolutely yes, please I would love to capture your day.


What made me say yes right away is that 1) Parisa is from high school…like over 20 years ago! 2) She had wrote such kind words about my photography, I was completely humbled. And 3) She’s pregnant, and the wedding was going to be a surprise to Parisa and Leif’s family and friends!


So you see, of course I had to say yes! I love surprises. Lol



Let me share a little history first. My sweet friend had met her fiancé a couple years ago, during a challenging time in her life.  Went on a date, then a second date, then they were inseparable. Leif proposed soon after, she said yes. Well, in the midst of trying to figure out when they would get married, they also decided that they would work on having a baby. It had been difficult for my dear friend to get pregnant in the past.

Needless to say, their plan had work. These two special people are going to have their miracle baby at the end June. Wedding plans were now put on hold….or so their family and friends had thought.


The plan…

Last Saturday, all of Parisa and Leif’s guest were invited to their baby shower. But these two were quite devious and loves to give surprises. Aside from the three of us, only 6 other people knew what was going on. Not even Parisa’s parent nor Leif’s mom had a clue.

During the Leif’s “thank you everyone for coming speech”, he asked their guest…”so when do you think we should get married”.

A couple people, who were in the know, yelled out. “NOW!!!” So Leif got down on knee and asked Parisa “Will you marry me today?” She said, “Yes”!

The stunned reactions and surprised looks were priceless. Seriously everyone was so shocked and happy all at the same time. Family and friends were then shuffled to the backyard, where a wedding arch suddenly appeared with an officiate and a violinist was playing. I honestly thought they still really didn’t believe what was happening until Parisa was walking the down the aisle with her father. Who, by the way, was also in shock during the entire ceremony.

Truly, it was a great surprise for everyone. I am so honored that I was able to witness this fun celebration. Thank you Parisa and Leif! I hope and pray for many years of being a happy family!

Here's a peek of what that Saturday afternoon "baby shower" looked like.




[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Berkeley Surprise Wedding Wedding sneak peeks Wed, 20 May 2015 05:25:48 GMT
Brittney and Adam Engagement Session.. Part Deux ... a liitle sneak peek So remember Brittney and Adam?? I took their engagement session photos this past fall. At that time, Adam's red mustang, aka Sheila, was suppose to make an appearance as well. However, she was not ready. 

Now with less than two months away from their wedding...and Sheila is up and running...I decided that I wanted to do a quick little mini engagement session that included Sheila. 

So this past Sunday, the hubs decided that he would like to be my assistant for the mini session with Brittney and Adam. This by the way, turned out to be part of our date night. we all had a good time. The car was looking fabulous, and the couple looking very much happy and excited for their day. Plus the hubs and I ended up going to dinner afterwards. lol.

Check out part  deux of their engagement session.

I love this couple and I seriously look forward to their wedding in June!

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) PearlyHensPhotography engagement sneak peeks Sat, 09 May 2015 15:45:00 GMT
Samantha and Matt - an Alice in Wonderland inspired wedding

What do you get when you put together a graphic designer and a game software designer ...then they decide to get married? You get a fun couple that plans an Alice in Wonderland inspired wedding.


Samantha and Matt are so fun. I knew from our engagement session, that these two were going to have an amazing wedding. Samantha had shared her ideas of what she was planning for the wedding. Can I tell you that she did not disappoint.


The seating chart, centerpieces, favors, guest book, the bridal party accessories, and the paper flowers! …Oh and all were handmade by Samantha and Matt. Every single details were made with love and such attention. I was and still am amazed by all the little details.


The best part was capturing their first look. Samantha looked beautiful in her princess wedding dress. Her loveliness was confirmed when Matt turned around with eyes full of love and admiration for his bride. It was one of my favorite moments.


Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett for inviting me to capture your day! I pray and hope that your life together will be full of love and adventures! Enjoy the peeks below before I upload your gallery!

Sam and Matt Video

Venue – Freedom Hall & Garden, Santa Clara, CA



#freedomhallandgarden #mrandmrsbartlett2015 #phpweddings #weddings #aliceinwonderland #weddingphotography #napaweddingphotographer #paperflowers #handmade #allaboutthedetails #weddingdetails 

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A Sunday Afternoon bridal shower This past Sunday I was invited to capture images for Veronnica's Bridal Shower. She had opted for this in leiu of an engagement session. What a fun and beautiful and afternoon. There was ton's of laughter and these ladies love the bride to be. The definitely showered were with lots of lovelies. I would love to share a lot of the images with you, but it was a bridal shower after all. It wasn't all just linens she received;-) 

One of the best things was meeting Veronnica's flower girls, who happen to be her grandmothers, and great grandmothers. It was pretty cool.  Also, I got to meet the Josh, the groom to be at the end!

Instead, enjoy this little video of the beautiful day. 

A Sunday afternoon Bridal shower

Veronnica and Josh, looking forward to your day in May!

I still have a few weekends dates this summer open for weddings. Contact me and lets see if we fit!

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Bridal Shower PearlyHensPhotography Video photography weddings Sat, 18 Apr 2015 04:39:12 GMT
Riley - Senior Sesh Sneak peek !


I met Riley last year when I took photos of his older brother, Kelly for his senior photos. At the time, I thought that Riley still had another couple of years before he graduated from Vintage High School. When their mom called me after Christmas wanting to schedule Riley's senior portraits, I was surprised...good surprise. 

That was way back in December. April finally arrived, and last week, Riley and I got to hangout at his grandpa's property. It was fun getting to know him as I was taking his photos. This intelligent young guy works hard in school, and has a passion working with animals. He is definitely ready to graduate from high school! I remember having senioritis way back when. lol. Riley, I hope and pray that your dreams of working with primates comes to fruition and that you would have an abundant life full of adventures!

I love this family of boys. There's one more, but I'll have to wait another couple of years to capture photos of Bailey! I look forward to it. In the meantime, check out a few photos from Riley's Senior Sesh.



Class of 2015, its not too late to schedule your senior session. Click on the contact link above and send me a message. lets schedule a sesh for May or June!

Class of 2016, dates are open for your senior session as well. Your last year in high school is going to be crazy busy. Schedule your session for this summer to check it off your list. 

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) PearlyHensPhotography class of 2015 guy senior portraits senior portraits sneak peeks Fri, 17 Apr 2015 10:16:32 GMT
Say Hello to Pearly Hens Photography Class of 2016 Senior Model Team!


At the end of last year, I made a decision to start a Senior Model team. This was a huge decision because there are a few photographers in town that already have a big influence on the senior portraits niche. However, I love taking photos of these pre-young adults who will soon venture out into the world. I love listening to their stories and hopes and goals for their future. So, i put away my fear of failure, joined the competition and put out a call for my senior models...

I'm so glad  that I did. I have been blessed with nine fabulous high school students who will go on this adventure with me. Each representing high schools in Napa. Each with beautiful hearts. I'm so excited to be working with them this year. 

Our first shoot was actually this past Saturday. I am inspired by Audrey Hepburn's clean classic style. A Simple Black and white palette with a pop of red. With the help of Ariana Ervin, stylist and owner of Kale and Olive, Micheala Daw, make-up and hair stylist at Paris Day Spa, and Olivia Johanson, an up and coming make up and hair artist stylist; I was able to bring my vision for the team into reality. I can't thank these three talented ladies enough! 

Each model did fantastic with a 6:00 AM call time, and temperatures in the 50's that morning. We headed to downtown Napa for some fun and photos. 

Thank you Rick ,owner of  Molinari Caffe ,and your patrons for letting my models and I invade your front space. You have a beautiful cafe and yummy coffee and treats. Thank you to Misty too at The Cake Plate for just letting me randomly have my team pose in front of your store. 

Without much further ado, check out Pearly Hens Photography's Class of 2016 Senior Model Team!

I'm so looking forward to our next shoot. Follow Pearly Hens Photography on Instagram (@p.hensphotog) and twitter (phensphotog) to follow our team!


Vendors/Location: Visit these vendors, go like them on FB and follow them on instagram!

Micheala Daw - Hair & Make up Stylist - Paris Day Spa - located on 1614 Jefferson Street Napa, CA 94558 , contact :707-337-8604

Olivia Johanson - Hair & Make up Stylist  - contact :[email protected]

Ariana Ervin - Fashion Stylist - Kale and Olive

Molinari Caffe - located on 828 Brown Street, Napa, CA 94558

Cake Plate - located on 1000 Main Street #100, Napa CA 94558





[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Class of 2016 SMT PearlyHensPhotography Senior Model Team Senior Portraits Styled Senior Photos Thu, 09 Apr 2015 15:32:31 GMT
Welcome to the world baby !

 I had the privy to capture this little bundle of joy. Baby Vivi is just simply perfect at 5 days old. Her parents were a pleasure to work with and meeting her Oma (german for grandma) was a bonus. Capturing newborns have been infrequent lately, because I have been focusing on other parts of my business. So when I do get a chance to document the first few days of life, I am always reminded how precious life really can be.

Yes, it takes a lot patience and we are all on the baby's schedule for the next three hours. But there is just something about being able to take pictures about their teeny tiny bodies. I love their little toes, fingers and nose. They even smell so innocent.  I get to document this new life for parents and I'm always always honored when asked. 

Thank you Matt and Katja for inviting me into your home to take a photos of your sweet little gift from Heaven! Enjoy your sneak peeks. 

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Newborn PearlyHensPhotography sneak peeks Tue, 10 Mar 2015 08:17:06 GMT
McKenzie - Natalie - Erynn - Tween Shoot Peek and review

So one of the inspirations that I came back with from my recent trip to Nashville, was to capture the images for parents of their tween kids. These are the awkward years, not quite a teen but not truly a child anymore. So many changes happen physically and emotionally between 9-14 years old. Change can happen so fast and I believe  that many parents forget about the changes because life happens and activities increase. Keep an eye out in the next week or so, as I will be offering packages for parents that will help parents remember to document these in between years of growth.

This past Sunday, I got to spend sometime with these 6th grade besties. It had been raining off and on. When we did our shoot, we had a little break from the rain. We were blessed with some sun. Oh my, what fun these young girls were. Such great hearts and easy going spirits.  I must say I truly enjoyed myself. Reflecting on my time with them, brings a smile to myself. Listening to them talk, giggle and being themselves was refreshing. I got excited about its going to be so great to share these images with their parents. Professionally, I truly enjoyed myself as my skills with my camera has improved. All the images that you see were done with D800, 105 mm 2.8 lens, all manual and 100% natural light. Viewing the images has definitely made me proud of myself for pushing to always learn and improve.

Anyhow, check out a few peeks from my time with McKenzie, Natalie and Erynn. Thanks girls (and to their moms for lending them to me for a couple of hours)!!!  Let your friends know that I can start booking their shoots!


#tweenphotography #kidsandthecitythankyou #tweenshoot #phensphotog

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) NapaValley TweenPhotographer PearlyHensPhotography sneak peeks tween Shoot Tue, 10 Feb 2015 22:37:24 GMT
Lots going on with PearlyHens Photography... Have you noticed anything new with my website??? go ahead take a look.. did you figure it out???

Last night I attended a meeting with other moms with businesses here in Napa. It was so much fun. I learned that I really do not need much sleep. lol. Seriously though, last night we talked about goal settings. I have a few this year...wait did you figure out what's new yet??

You're right...I have a new logo! Check it out...

I absolutely love it! Updating my logo and figuring out my branding  was a big goal for me. My friend KD with Duggan Designs did an amazing job of looking at my working, knowing my personality and just bringing my logo together. Friend and family with businesses, if you need a new logo  or need help with your brand, contact KD. You can also find her on FB :  Thank you again KD for all your hard work, even when your littles were sick. 

What else is going on...

I'm leaving for Nashville on Saturday to attend Imaging USA. Though I will miss my family immensely, I'm so excited. This will be my first huge photography workshop/expo. I'm looking forward to learning new skills and to be inspired. Plus I will get to hang out with my dear friend Ruth.  Whew hoo!

oh i'm have lots of projects and special sessions coming up. One of the special session I'm offering is a Couples Session for the month of February. Book a session in February for you and your love, then we will customized your session to fit your style that captures your romance.

My senior model team search is still going on. Anyone interested can just click on the link in the side bar.

Ok, i think that is it for now. It's late and I'm beginning to ramble. I'll be back next Tuesday and share my thoughts on the conference. Have a great week all.

Hugs to you,



[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) PearlyHensPhotography couples Session new logo Fri, 30 Jan 2015 15:30:00 GMT
No one smiles for pictures....a peek into one of the most fun family sessions...

"No one (meaning the guys and kiddos) smiles for photos in this family...ever..." this information was shared with me on several occasions by my dear friends Cassie, Talia and Mandy. oh man, were they were right...mostly:) Can I tell you this was one of my most fun family session so far. I've been wanting to do a family shoot for Steve and Cassie (the ones up front in the middle in the above photo) for quite awhile now. They are blessed to live in a home on a private vineyard property that has a pond, a wide open meadow with huge oak trees, a hiking trail and basic all around picturesque Napa. From the first time I was invited to their home for Talia's (the one in purple)  baby shower about a year ago,  I knew that I wanted to have a chance to do a family shoot here with some clients. Steve and Cassie were so gracious when I finally had the courage to ask if I can do a shoot with one my clients. They said yes! Actually, they have said yes quite a few times. Their place is my secret location. I hope they never move!

From talking to Cassie, I know that it was her hearts desire to take one big family photo..."but no one smiles!"she says.. lol... For quite awhile now, I have been wanting to gift Steve and Cassie a family session, as a "thank you". So I got together with their daughters-in-law (Talia and Mandy) and just scheduled the session. The girls told the family that everyone must show up..."It's for Cassie's Birthday" that was the reason they gave. It had worked! We all showed up this past Sunday afternoon. I brought my little assistant, Pearl, to "help". 

Everything was perfect!...perfectly fun that is... Yes, not everyone liked smiling and yes, the kids were being kids...However, the property was gorgeous! Vivid greens, luscious chestnut colored trees and brilliant yellows from the mustard flowers. Plus the golden hour was upon us and the lighting was just simply amazing. Honestly, its one of those times where I know that God is real, because he painted such a beautiful scenery that no camera, painter or any other artist can truly capture. 

Oh yes, I was able to capture quite a few smiles and smirks after all. Check out this beautiful family's session!

Thank you Steve and Cassie and to your sons and their families. It was a lot of fun Sunday and its been a joy going through your images.  

Happy (early) Birthday Cassie!


Oh and here's a little peek of my assistant! She had fun too. I LOVE this girl!


[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Vineyard family large family session sneak peeks Wed, 28 Jan 2015 06:31:35 GMT
CLASS OF 2016 SENIOR MODEL TEAM - MODEL SEARCH I'm so excited to announce that I will be bringing together PearlyHens Photography's first ever Senior Model Team. My dream and goal is to have a super fantastic year with a team of 8-10 girls and/or guys who will represent PHP.  I plan to schedule a couple of stylized sessions with the team to bring out their inner beauty, as well as enhancing their already beautiful features. My hope is that the team will have a great experience getting to know each other and will be an encouragement to one another as they all go through their last year of high school.  Most of all, I want all of us to have fun together! I can't wait.

So here's the details:

WHO IS ELIGIBLE??? -  Any Class of 2016 student in high school within 30 miles of Napa, CA

HOW DO YOU APPLY??? - Click HERE, read and complete the application, save as "yourname" and email back to me: [email protected] 


WHEN WILL YOU KNOW IF YOU GOT ON THE TEAM?? I will be announcing the team members on March 7th, here on the blog, Facebook and Instagram. Then I will be calling each individual student to properly be introduced :) All applicants that aren't chosen will be eligible for a 10% discount on any senior session scheduled with PHP. 

Okay thats the basic 4-1-1. So if you're a Class of 2016 HS student, I look forward to your application. If you are not a Class of 2016 HS student, please pass along this information to any and all Class of 2016 HS students!


[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Class of 2016 PHP Senior Model Team PearlyHensPhotography Mon, 26 Jan 2015 07:59:49 GMT
Oh the Niemi's ...How this family makes me smile...

What can I say about this family??? They always me smile for sure! Jen (the momma) was one of the first ladies that had made me feel welcomed when we had first moved to Napa. When I grow up I hope that my little family will be like theirs. They are not perfect people, but they love God, they love each other and they love to laugh together and be together!

I've been wanting to do a session with this family for quite awhile now. Jen has helped me in more than one occasion. She was a fantastic assistant during my first mini session and a super fantastic assistant/wedding coordinator for one of big weddings last year. (By the way, if you need an events/wedding coordinator, you should contact her at Bella Eden Events...She and her business partner are fantastic! yes that was unsolicited plug) 

I was stoked that I finally got a chance to at the beginning of this month. We went out to one my favorite secret spots. We had so much fun together. It was a great time of laughing and capturing their togetherness. The other reason we were doing the session, was because Jon Jon would be going through his first round of chemo within the week of our shoot. He was planning to bleach his hair then shave it all off. So we had to get a photo of him before he goes bald :) Remember, there's still time to schedule any type of session with me and 50% of the fees will go towards Jon Jon's medical expenses. (or you can donate directly to Team Jon Jon)

Anyway, check out some of the images that were captured!

Jon, Jen, Jon Jon and Haley..thanks for the FUN! your gallery will be up soon.

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) PearlyHensPhotography Vineyard family Fri, 23 Jan 2015 10:15:28 GMT
Bekah & kiddos- beautiful eyes full of love - sneak peek

Meet Bekah, Olive and Rocco. My hubs grew up with Bekah. When Bekah mentioned that she hasn't done photos with the kiddos yet, I totally jumped on the opportunity. This is a beautiful family with eyes full of love for each other. It was so much fun taking their photos. We had perfect afternoon light and perfect weather (it had been raining the day before). I thought having them as my last session for 2014 would be icing on the cake for a great first full year since starting my PearlyHens adventure.

Check out some of the images that we were able capture. Thanks Bekah for coming down. Pearl and Henry had tons of fun with Olive and Rocco.  I truly enjoyed my time with you, the kids and your parents:)

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) PearlyHensPhotography family of 3 sneak peeks Thu, 15 Jan 2015 07:06:11 GMT
Jessica & Rob - my last wedding of 2014!

Meet Jessica and Rob. What a sweet couple. I was hired by Jessica's mom, Joanne about a week before their wedding. Their original photographer was not going to be able to make it the wedding due to unforeseeable circumstances. I couldn't say no, because this was going to be a wedding that would bring Joanne's whole family together.  Plus, this would be another opportunity to capture a wedding. With only about a week to prepare and never have meeting the bride and groom, I was a bit nervous.  Also, Napa was actually having a real winter, were it had been cold and raining. As a natural light photographer, this was really making me anxious. 

Well the day turned out to be just right. It was still cold and a bit drizzly. Fortunately, the wedding ceremony was going to be in the church, and the reception was indoors as well.  Jessica and Rob were great and looked fantastic, despite Rob not feeling well the day before. 

So here's a little peek of the wedding day. Enjoy!


Congratulations Jessica and Rob! I'm so glad that I captured your day.

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Napa PearlyHensPhotography church wedding Wed, 14 Jan 2015 08:53:38 GMT
Laura & Mike - Christmas City Hall Ceremony in the City!


The week before Christmas my hubs texted me.."hey are you available tomorrow?" this is on a Tuesday morning... I texted back and said that our little man just had a doctor's appointment in the morning...Long story short, Mike, one of the guys that works for my hubs was getting married the next day at City Hall (down in San Francisco). The ceremony was going to be at 1:00  PM. With a few more text between the hubs and I and one of our good friends, we made the arrangements so that I could go and document their day.

I'm so glad that I did! If you haven't seen the inside of San Francisco City Hall yet, you should seriously consider it as a must see during one of your visits. The building itself on the outside is pretty amazing.  However when you step in, walk through the main lobby and get to the center... its almost breath taking. I was completely stunned about how gorgeous it was in there. AND a little nervous as I wanted to make sure that I would document Mike and Laura's day perfectly.

Anyway, the hubs and our  little man, and Josh another co-worker all made it down to meet up with Mike and Laura. This couple looked fantastic. They were able to have their ceremony up on the mezzanine, which by the way is the best place to have the ceremony. I have never been to a civil ceremony, let alone at the city hall in San Francisco. Now I'm obsessed! I'll be praying that I have more opportunities in the future to go back and document more ceremonies.

So here is a peek of what I was able to capture! Thank you Mike and Laura for letting the Heitman's and Josh come be your audience. Also thank you for letting me take your photos!

Congratulations! May you guys have a fabulous life together!



[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Napa wedding Photographer-PearlyHens Photography SF City Hall Ceremony - PearlyHens Photography Fri, 09 Jan 2015 04:14:59 GMT
New Year, New Goals, Give More So 2015 is here, its the 8th day already. I've been thinking and praying about PearlyHens Photography and the direction that God is pointing me towards. I have had lots of fun getting to my clients and capturing images, whether it is a family or newborn session, or big events like weddings. I know that I am blessed to be able pursue this passion for photography. 

My goals for this year are :

- To keep growing as a photographer, to continue honing my skills and to learn new techniques.

- I'd like to grow the business as well. I plan on focusing on booking more weddings and engagement sessions.  I'm hoping to book fifteen (15) weddings total.  I already have five on the calendar thus far, and I'm totally excited about each one. It has truly been fun getting to know each couple during our engagement sessions. So if you know any engaged couples that need a wedding photographer, send them my way. 

-I will be launching a senior model team for the class of 2016. I'm looking forward to this adventure, as I am planning on a couple ambitious stylized sessions for the team. Its going to be so much fun! I have two girls already that I'll be working with. I'm working on the application process and incentives. Keep an eye out in the next couple of weeks for my announcement, so you can let your juniors in high school know. 

Don't worry though, I will continue to photograph families and newborns! Which brings me to my last goal...I know and acknowledge that PearlyHens Photography wouldn't exist, without God being in the center and Jesus being the foundation of this business. I also had decided from the beginning that I would like to use this passion and business as an avenue to gift my services and/or give more financially to what matters to the heart God. I've been praying about this for awhile...

which now brings me to what led me to writing this (not my usual) blog entry...I'm incredibly stoked to announce that if you schedule any type of photo session this month (January), I will be donating 50% of the session fee and 50% of the print products purchased towards Team Jon Jon! My dear friends, Jon and Jen Niemi's 18 year old son has been diagnosed with testicular cancer. Jon Jon, their son starts his first round of chemo next week. To help off set the medical expenses friends have started a GoFundMe account for the Niemi's. You can go to Team Jon Jon, to read more about it. If you feel led, please donate.

However, if you've been wanting to take family photos or milestone photos, call me and lets schedule a session. I would love to help the Niemi's on your behalf.

Okay, that's it, my goals and desires for the beginning of 2015. Thanks for reading my long entry:) Follow my blog to see what will take place... 


[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) 50% PearlyHensPhotography donated jon team Thu, 08 Jan 2015 10:28:46 GMT
Alcazars - love them! I love this family! Cisco and Missy are one of our family first friends when we moved to Napa from San Diego. This family is so full of love for each other and those around them. It was so much fun squeezing their session in for last month. They were actually one of my first "clients" who took a chance on me when I decided to officially start PearlyHens Photography. So of course I will do anything to take their photos again this year!


Thanks Cisco, Missy, Lanaya and Angelo! I love you guys!

Check out some of the photos from their session:

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) 4 PearlyHensPhotography family of Mon, 05 Jan 2015 19:54:11 GMT
Jillian & Joe's Engagement Sesh in the City

A couple of weeks ago I had a fun time hanging out with Jillian and Joe down at the Ferry Building in San Francisco.  I knew that when I had met them in May, that I was going to love our engagement session. These two are great together and love each other.

I was excited because this was my first session down in the City, and my first session doing some night time photography. Checkout this sneak peek of our time together. We honestly laughed the whole time together, plus we got some super yummy ice cream! total bonus.

I'm totally looking forward to their wedding in July.

Congratulations Jillian and Joe! 


[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Ferry Building PearlyHensPhotography Pier 7 San Francisco engagement photography sneak peeks Mon, 29 Dec 2014 15:48:30 GMT

Here is my friend Karley and her family. Love them! I would say we spend most of our weekdays together. my kiddos loves her kiddos! One of the great things about being a photographer, is that I can exchange my skills for babysitting:-). And let me tell you that Karley does cover me a lot..especially when I have last minute photo shoots.

Here are some photos from our session together last Saturday. It was so much fun! I love that this family loves each other.

Thank you friends! 


[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) PearlyHensPhotography session sneak peeks Thu, 18 Dec 2014 19:52:07 GMT
Mackenzie Paige - Hello world! NB sneak peeks

Help me welcome little Mackenzie Paige2 love her name. it definitely was an honor to capture images of this sweet baby girl. She was only 4 days old! She was so tiny, compare to my now 2 year old. I hadn't worked with such a new baby in quite a few weeks. totally fun!

Checkout some of the sneak peeks!


Congratulations Chris & Sophia, and big brother Ryan. 


[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Newborn PearlyHensPhotography sneak peeks Sat, 13 Dec 2014 09:23:59 GMT
The Barry Family - A rainy day session

I love the Barry Family. I first met Donna and Luke at Sarah & Jeremiah's wedding in August. Donna was one of Sarah's bridesmaid. It was so fun getting to know her then. Imagine my delight when she contacted me to schedule a family session. 

After trying to find a date to schedule, we settled on having the session back at Hook & Ladder. I was excited, because I was able to see Sarah and Jeremiah again while we did our session. Oh can I tell you that we picked a day where it was scheduled to start raining. Yikes! and it rained for sure.

The raindrops didn't stop us. We still had tons of fun. Luke, Donna and their son Jevin was game for the photo adventure and didn't mind getting wet. I think we got some really good shots.


Check out their sneak peek:-) Thanks again Barry family for letting me spend time with you!


[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) PearlyHensPhotography Vineyard family horses rain sneak peeks Wed, 10 Dec 2014 18:38:00 GMT
Jose, Kelsey & Angeline I met Kelsey, Jose and Angeline last year. They were one of the first families and clients that took a chance with me my first year out as a photographer. I was so grateful that they did. And I was super happy and pleased when Kelsey contacted me again this year to another session.

It was so neat to see Angeline grow and change from last year. They brought their dog Romo again. From what I recall, Romo did so much better this year:-)

What I love about these three, plus Romo, is that they were again up for a little adventure. Besides going to one of my usual spots for sessions, they were game for following me to a new favorite location. The colors were amazing and lighting was perfect!

Check out a peek from our time together. Thanks again Kelsey, Jose and Angeline for the fun!

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) PearlyHensPhotography family session sneak peeks Mon, 08 Dec 2014 07:16:46 GMT
2014 Black Friday Specials! Check out the Black Friday Specials for this year!

Did you just get engaged?? or know someone who still needs a photographer for their wedding?! I'm still booking for the 2015 season, why not take advantage of the wedding special

BTW, if you refer someone who books and places their deposit for their wedding, you will receive a free family session! Just make sure that your bride or groom mentions your name!

Do you have a graduating senior? Check out this deal. I also have a BFF package that your senior and their best friend(s) can schedule a session together!


Finally...I still have a couple of sessions open if you want to get photos done for this year's holiday cards. OR if you just want to take family photos in the new year. Take advantage of this deal!!!


Go to "Investments" above to review pricing for each session and/or packages.

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) PearlyHensPhotography black friday deal engagement wedding Fri, 28 Nov 2014 08:00:00 GMT
Anna & Chris...A walk in the vineyard...Engagement Sesh!

Hi Anna & Chris! Love this couple too..(I think I love all my couples!)..They were my second engagement session a couple of weeks ago. It was so much fun. I took them up to Viader Vineyard in Deer Park for an afternoon walk in the vineyard. Thank you Alan and your family for permitting me to take this lovely couple to your property.


Anyway, again, I am completely amazed by the beauty of the Napa Valley!. We were quite high up and had the amazing views and the sunset just gave the best light.

Can I tell you that I love Anna?! she had reached out to me a few months ago, and I instantly liked her so much. It was also so fun getting to know Chris.

Check out Anna & Chris' sneak peeks. I totally am looking forward to their wedding next May!


I'm still booking for the 2015 season! Check out my black friday special tomorrow! If you're newly engaged or know someone who just got engaged, you would definitely want to take advantage of the special.

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) PearlyHensPhotography Viader Vineyard Vineyard engagement sneak peeks Fri, 28 Nov 2014 02:50:32 GMT
Samantha & Matt - A Walk in the Woods Engagement session I truly loved my time with Samantha & Matt. This was my first of two engagement sessions a couple of Saturday ago. Samantha & Matt were my first couple for that day. I normally have my clients choose where they would like to have their engagement session. Samantha chose Henry Cowell State Park down in Felton, near Santa Cruz. She said that she and Matt loved the redwoods and being outdoors.

Can I share with you that I was so happy. This was going to be a little adventure for me because I have never been to Henry Cowell State Park. When I arrived at 8:00 am, there were only a few people there. This park is amazing. The redwoods are beautiful. The one mile trail loop that we walked to do their session was amazing. There was still a little morning fog amongst the trees that would filter the sunlight. Everywhere that my eye would look, I would be in awe of the beauty that surrounded us. I almost felt bad that I had this fun couple take photos every few steps... it took almost two hours to get around the one mile loop! 

Samantha and Matt were good natured about it and so easy going. It made the time quite enjoyable. Getting to know these two during our time together makes me excited to capture their wedding day in April!

So check out the sneak peeks from our walk in the wood.

Yay Samantha & Matt!

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) PearlyHensPhotography cowell engagement henry park redwoods sneak peeks state Tue, 25 Nov 2014 08:26:01 GMT
Brittney & Adam - Backyard Engagement Session

For those who have recently been following my blogs, my sweet little family has only been living here in Napa for about 5 years. One of things that I have come to appreciate and is always amazed is that life long local Napans have some amazing backyards!!!

Check out Brittney and Adam's Engagement Shoot. It was so much fun getting to know these locals and Chico State alumni's. We had the session at Adam's aunt and uncles house, which just happened to be next door. "incredible" doesn't even begin to describe the property. In addition to the amazing light of the golden hour, there was a pond, a small vineyard, willow trees, fields, horses and hills that overlooked the property. We were even able to see Mt. St. Helena's!

Thank you Brittney and Adam for inviting to capture your fun love for one another. Congratulations again on your wedding!


[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Napa PearlyHensPhotography Vineyard backyard engagement sneak peeks Wed, 19 Nov 2014 18:55:43 GMT
The McBrides and their chickens...and dogs..

I have know Harriette and Dewey for most of my life. Harriette and I have been friends since I was 8 and she was 9. I was even the chapparone on their first date. The chance to spend time with them and capture their family photos is always fun.

After a month of resting my right arm, the McBrides were of course would be my first shoot back! It was a blast trying to capture moments with their new family members Rosetta and Skye. Rosetta has the pearls on...I may be using her in my future logo:-)

here are some sneak peeks!


[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) McBrides PearlyHensPhotography backyard chickens dogs family sneak peeks Fri, 14 Nov 2014 20:27:20 GMT
Hildur & James - End of Summer Backyard wedding

This is a pretty late peek, as I have had a couple of surgeries since Hildur and James tied the knot...

Hildur is from iceland and James is from Kenwood, CA. When you put these two together, you get fun! Their end of the summer backyard wedding was beautiful, fun and perfect. They married in a small chapel in Kenwood and the reception was literally just a block and half away. They had transformed James' parents place into an intimate joyous gathering for family and friends. Twinkling lights, paella and music filled the night.

I'm still working on editing and finishing up the reception photos, but I wanted to share some photos that I've already finished! You can also check out whats on their gallery as well:-)

Congratulations Hildur & James!

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Kenwood chapel PearlyHensPhotography Vineyard backyard reception sneak peeks wedding Wed, 12 Nov 2014 10:23:07 GMT
Elizabeth & Trevor Engagement Sesh

What a fun time I had capturing Elizabeth and Trevor at Glen Oaks Ranch. This sweet couple were so easy and beautiful shoot. I loved getting to know them and I'm totally looking forward to their wedding next June!

Wanna know whats crazy?! Elizabeth knows one of my other brides, Denae (Scott's cousin) from middle school. Another crazy random thing, is that they haven't seen each other since then , but i'm shooting of Elizabeth's wedding first, then the following weekend, I'll be at Denae's! seriously this is a small world.


Anyway, enjoy a little peek into their session! If you or or if you know anyone getting married next year, contact me! I've started booking weddings for the 2015 season!


[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Glen Oak PearlyHensPhotography Ranch Vineyard engagement sneak peeks wedding Fri, 31 Oct 2014 20:10:05 GMT
Denae and Matt's Engagement shoot! My husband, Scott, his cousin Denae recently got engaged a few weeks ago to Matt. Whew hew! She had asked if I would be able to be her photographer for her special day. OF course I said yes, but when she mentioned the date, I was bummed. I already had another wedding booked for the same day! I was sad, especially because she also wanted Pearl to be their flower girl. 

She was bummed too. After discussing with her fiance Matt and with her family, she changed the date to the following weekend...and now I get to be her photographer! I'm so excited to capture her celebration. Plus I get to see my Pearl be a flower girl for the first time! YAY!

By the way, did I mention she lives in Boise! She and Matt, with her family, happen to be come out to Cloverdale a couple of weeks ago. They stopped by Napa, and we got to squeeze in a quick engagement shoot. Did I also mention that I had recently had surgery on my right arm four days before. I wasn't suppose to lift anything for two weeks! I just couldn't NOT do their engagement session. So brought along my handy tripod. That day was pretty gloomy, and was wanting to rain fact it started to pour down at the end of our session. CRAZY day of sure. It was great and so much fun.

Thank you Denae and Matt for being patient and flexible with me and the tripod. It made me slow down and I think it was one of the best sessions I've had. Your gallery is also ready for viewing. (

Congratulations to the both of you! I look forward to June 13th 2015!


[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Engagement PearlyHensPhotography family session tripod Wed, 08 Oct 2014 21:25:14 GMT
Ring family I had a fun opportunity to take family photos of Dr. Angie before they welcome their new baby boy. Dr. Angie is actually my kids dentist, and they love her. Its been fun getting to know her over the years. Recently my little man and her daughter have been taking swim lessons. Angie and her family are busy and she's been wanting photos. So a few days before she was due..My camera and I met up with her family...check out some of the photos....

Oh by the way...CONGRATULATIONS to the Ring Family! They seriously welcome their baby boy five days later. Can't wait to meet him soon.


[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Newborn PearlyHensPhotography family photography Wed, 08 Oct 2014 13:49:04 GMT
Mr & Mrs! So a lot has been going on with my life and I'm trying to catch up with all my work....First up...Carlie and Jose your gallery is up on the website! Thank you for such a fun time. Hope and pray for a wonderfully blessed life together!


Check this out!


[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) PearlyHensPhotography Vineyard wedding Wed, 08 Oct 2014 06:56:09 GMT
Sweet Eleanor Just finished a NB session of this sweet little babes!

caught a few of big sister too!



[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Newborn PearlyHensPhotography photography Sat, 27 Sep 2014 07:06:32 GMT
A new addition to the Family Baby #2 is on his/her way to joining Chris, Sophia and Ryan.  Thank you for inviting me to capture the end of a season of just three and the beginning of what will be a fabulous family of four!



[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) 3 PearlyHensPhotography family grove maternity of olive Fri, 12 Sep 2014 05:35:11 GMT
My sweet babes started kindy!

This isn't going to be my usual blog update with sneak peeks. Instead its a little peek into my life. My sweet little babes, the "Pearly" in PearlyHens Photography started kindergarten this past Wednesday! I still can't believe that she started real school. I am normally not too emotional or sentimental (unless I'm really tired...ask the hubs)..but this week I just felt a little rawness as I watch Pearl stand in line, say the pledge of allegiance to both the US flag and Christian flag..then walk into the school towards her class...Seriously, she was born yesterday, what the heck is she doing in kindergarten, before I know it she'll be off to college!

Thank God I had my camera. I was able to hide behind it while a few tears were shed:-)

Now its the end of the week. I finally have time to share some photos. We are all tired. She loves school and her teacher. Henry missed his big sister. I missed being with her all day. Daddy missed her too! But we all survived. and we are all happy.

I LOVE this little girl! 


[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) PearlyHensPhotography family first day of school Sat, 06 Sep 2014 06:48:32 GMT
A growing little family...Thoits family sneak peeks I remember when Stacey and John said ok to let me take their engagement photos..then their maternity their first family photos!!!!

Check out their family session with sweet little Anthony!




[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) PearlyHensPhotography Vineyard family sneak peeks Sun, 31 Aug 2014 08:01:03 GMT
Sarah & Jeremiah - (tons of ) Sneak Peeks! Laid-back vintage glam is how I would describe Sarah and Jeremiah’s wedding. Seriously people, capturing this day was amazing and it was so much fun capturing every moment for these two.

Both bride and groom were so easy going. I already had a chance meeting Sarah at her bridal shower in June. So it didn’t surprise me to see how much love these two has for each other. Plus they are truly just plain fun people!

Liz from ThirdStrandPhotography was once again an awesome second shooter. The venue was at Hook & Ladder’s Vineyard, which also belongs to Sarah’s family property. The ceremony took place on a lawn that was surrounded by large redwoods, planted by her grandfather over 20 years ago.   It was a sweet gathering of very close family and friends.

The reception also took place on another part of the property.  The weather was perfect, the lighting incredible and the food delicious.

My favorite parts of the day:

-      The DRESS and Veil! AMAZING doesn’t even begin to describe it. Once Sarah put on the dress, I wasn’t quite sure if Jeremiah was going to be able handle what he’ll see, which brings me to…

-      The LOOK that Jeremiah had when he saw Sarah walk down the aisle in her dress.

-      The photo session after the ceremony with the newlywed couple and their bridal party. It was such a fun time with this group of people.

Here are (quite) a few sneak peeks of this very cool couple…





Venue - DeLoach Ranch

Flowers - Kasey Peterson  

Catering - Piner Café

Cake - Costeaux French Bakery

Hair - Paula Christopher Salon

Rental Equipment -Encore Events Healdsburg 

Wedding Attire Rentals - Wine Country Bride   

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) PearlyHensPhotography Vineyard sneak peeks sneakpeak wedding winery Fri, 22 Aug 2014 09:07:35 GMT
Carlie and Jose - Sneak Peeks! I’ve been really super busy everyone! For the first weekend in August, I had back-to-back weddings! It was all so much fun and such a learning experience.  I’m so glad I had my very good friend and fellow photographer, Liz from ThirdStrandPhotography come and help me.


I was really excited about capturing Carlie and Jose’s wedding. Carlie’s mom, Wendy, took a chance with me, as a new photographer getting into the wedding industry. Thank you all for  the opportunity.


The fabulous part about Carlie and Jose’s celebration, was that I had a chance to capture the rehearsal dinner festivities at Artesa Winery. Check out some of the moments captured during dinner.


The actual wedding took place at the beautiful Vezer Family Vineyard. The lush green rows of the vineyard, the canary blue color of the  tasting room, and a vintage car is an incredible combination for a wedding venue..

My favorite moments of the day:

- Carlie and Jose praying together before the ceremony. They didn’t want to see each other before the actual ceremony, so the door to the tasting room was a perfect barrier.

- The  moment that Dad sees his baby girl comes down the steps in her wedding dress. The love he had in his eyes for his daughter and the sadness at the same time, knowing that he is giving her away, brought a tear to all who witnessed.

- The serious dance battle between the Bride and her ladies versus the Groom and his men.  I’m still not sure who won, they were all so good!

I wish I can show you every single photo right now, but I’m still working on them. (even while on vacation out here in Yellowstone). In the meantime, here are a few more sneak peeks.


Congratulations Carlie & Jose!



Vendor list:


Rehearsal Dinner Venue -  Artessa Winery

Ceremony & Reception Venue – Vezer Winery

Caterer – Bella Cucina – Chef: Wendy Suvino

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Artesa PearlyHensPhotography Vezer Vineyard Weddings sneak peeks winery Sat, 16 Aug 2014 22:21:59 GMT
Sneak Peak - The Johanson Family = LOVE "Why does the Johanson Family = LOVE?"  you ask.

Let me tell you the reasons why!

  • 1) This family loves each other! Thank you Jacob for still loving your family even though you ended up missing going to the fair that day :-)
  • 2) I L.O.V.E. the location! Thank you to my friends Steve and Cassie for letting me do the photo session at your place of residence. Seriously people, its a gorgeous location. Steve and Cassie are blessed to able to live within a private vineyard with ideal spots for photos. Everywhere I looked I wanted to capture.
  • 3) The Golden hour showered its loved during the whole time. It was perfect weather and perfect lighting.
  • 4) Olivia is going to go to start SDSU in the fall! As an Aztec Alumni, you know that I LOVE SDSU! GO STATE!
  • 5) Kevin is also an SDSU Alumni..therefore see #4 above...which also means I automatically love this Family! Lol!

and finally ..

  • 6) The camera love, love, LOVED this family. Check out a few sneak peaks below and you'll know what I mean:-) It'll make you wanna book a family session this fall!

Until next time:-)


[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Family PearlyHensPhotography Vineyard sneak peeks Mon, 28 Jul 2014 10:03:25 GMT
A quirky and fun couple + DIY wedding = FUNtastic! What I love about Ashleigh and Roy is that they totally love each each other after 10 years of being together. They finally decided to make it official in their own fun, unique and quirky way. A small backyard wedding with close friends and family. Ashleigh nailed every pinterest idea that was on her board. It was a pleasure capturing their day. Here's a little peek of their day...

This first little series is my favorite, because it was the sweetest thing when Roy turned around. This was the FIRST time he got to see Ashleigh in THE dress. "You look beautiful" were the words that uttered from his lips! It was great. For my second wedding of this season, I'm so glad that I got to capture the moment.

The FIRST look...The FIRST look...



[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) DIY wedding PearlyHensPhotography sneak peeks the FIRST Look wedding Wed, 09 Jul 2014 09:07:36 GMT
First Wedding!!! OK I simply can't go to bed without sharing a couple of sneak peeks from today's wedding. This is my first wedding of the season and my first wedding ever! Thank you Mike and Laura for giving me a chance to capture your day. More sneak peeks to come this fact I'm still downloading photos! Seriously, though, I just can't go to bed until I do this...

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) PearlyHensPhotography botanical garden sneak peeks summer wedding 2014 Sun, 22 Jun 2014 08:55:03 GMT
Sweet Little Family The weather was a whopping 98+ in Yountville a couple of Sundays ago! But this sweet little family did a fantastic job keeping hydrated and having fun. I very much enjoyed getting to know the Mathis family. Their babes was so expressive, I loved it! Plus its always refreshing to see a couple still so in love with each other! Thank you Mathis family for letting me hangout with you. You're gallery will be up soon. In the meantime, here are some moments that I love!


[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) PearlyHensPhotography family portraits sneak peeks Fri, 20 Jun 2014 09:39:05 GMT
A Saturday afternoon Bridal shower A couple weeks ago I got to capture one of my brides bridal shower. It was held at her grandma's  backyard, and hosted by her grandma, her maids of honor. These ladies did a fabulous job and full executed all pintrest ideas. The weather was gorgeous and the bride was elated. Thank you Sarah for inviting me to your festivities. I look forward to your wedding this August!




[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) PearlyHensPhotography bridal shower sneak peeks Thu, 19 Jun 2014 17:24:37 GMT
Milestones..turning 3 and Cortney's SrSesh sneak peek I've been crazy busy! But I wanna share a few sessions that I have been working on!  


Here's my friend natalie's sweet little boy who turned 3! So stinking cute. Natalie, your gallary should be ready to review this weekend:-)



Also, I had so much fun capturing Cortney's Senior Session. What a fun, joyful and beautiful young lady! Enjoy your summer Cortney and a little sneak peek from our session!

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) PearlyHensPhotography milestones senior session sneak peeks Fri, 13 Jun 2014 09:30:49 GMT
Let the summer begin!!! Well, this pass month I've been busy and took a little break from the business. My family went on an amazing vacation to DisneyWorld for to celebrate our babes 5th birthday..then we had pre-school graduation and just end of school stuff.  Seriously I have no idea how fast May went by. Today is the beginning of a crazy and fun summer...more senior sessions and weddings are booked! I look forward to it all. 

And for a little Throwback Thursday...(6 minutes late)..I wanted to say congratulations to all the Seniors graduation this year! Enjoy your summer and May God bless your futures!

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) PearlyHensPhotography senior sessions Fri, 06 Jun 2014 07:20:00 GMT
A Napa native's son - Kelly's Sr. Sesh Last week, I had an opportunity to meet Jody, a napa native. Her first born Kelly is graduating this year. Whoo-hoo! Like most guys, having their picture taken wasn't on the top of his priority list for graduation. However, Kelly was a great sport and my camera loved him! 

It was fun having his session  on their family farm. My goal is to finish editing his session before I leave for vacation...Here are a couple sneak peeks from the session...

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Guy Senior session PearlyHensPhotography senior session sneak peeks Mon, 05 May 2014 08:33:19 GMT
My favorites of Baby E Its been a crazy busy couple of weeks, with photo shoots, kids needing to see the doctor and preparing for a family vacay! I am trying to catch up and get most (hopefully all) of my recent sessions done with final editing before I leave on Tuesday. There may be a few more post in the next couple of days. 

Baby E was the completed one tonight! Check out some of my favorites:-)


[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Newborn PearlyHensPhotography sneak peeks Sun, 04 May 2014 07:34:18 GMT
A new sweet baby... Here's a little quick sneak peek of the newborn session from this past Monday. This little one was very scrumptious and so brand new! Congratulations Devin and Bob on your new little one!

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Newborn PearlyHensPhotography sneak peeks Sun, 27 Apr 2014 07:38:22 GMT
A happy girl from Justin Sienna HS... Whoo -hoo! Congratulations Genny! You're going to graduate this year!


I had so much fun with Genny last week during her Senior Shoot. I simply adored her personality and the camera loved her. I think she will seriously have the hardest time picking out her favorite photos. Because it has been definitely hard for me. So many to choose from! Here are a few sneak peeks from our time together. 

I'm still running my special for the Class of 2014! Call before April 30th and book a session. The session does NOT have to take place in April:-)

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Mustard PearlyHensPhotography senior session sneak peeks Wed, 23 Apr 2014 08:28:17 GMT
Sweet little baby... Last week I had a chance to meet sweet baby Aviana. It's been fun working on her newborn photos. I realized I love it when the new daddy and mommy are part of the shoot. These early days are so fleeting, we need to really capture the moments because we can easily forget them.

Check out a few sneak peeks:

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Newborn sneak peeks Fri, 18 Apr 2014 07:11:44 GMT
After 11 years... After 11 years, Ashleigh and Roy are officially tying the knot this June.  I am so honored that they have chosen me to be their photographer for their wedding. I totally am looking forward to it. In the meantime, I had a chance to spend some time with these two fun people up at a small family vineyard during their engagement session. Laughter had definitely filled the air that afternoon.

Congratulations Ashleigh and Roy! Here is a little peak into their lives...

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) PearlyHensPhotography engagement session sneakpeak vineyard Thu, 17 Apr 2014 08:02:36 GMT
Little girl giggles! A few weeks ago, a friend asked to take her daughter's 6 year old photos. Of course I said yes because I love my friend and because her daughter is one of my babes BFFs. I had so much fun, taking Abigail's photos. I brought my family along on this shoot. After I snapped a few of Abigail's birthday photos, Pearl joined in on the session. These two little girls love each other and they totally just enjoyed being friends and being free out in the mustard fields.


and oh the giggles that come out of little girls, you just can't help but giggle too! 

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Mustard PearlyHensPhotography best friends Wed, 09 Apr 2014 07:19:57 GMT
Catching up on some work! So I've been busy catching up on work! This week I've been able to complete four of my six sessions. Whew hew! Planning on finishing up the my last two by the end of this weekend. I need to because I'm totally looking forward to capture two new babies next week! In the meantime, check out a couple of my completed sessions! I love  my clients and capturing their moments was so much fun!


I look forward to Laura and Mike's wedding! what a fun couple:-)


[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) PearlyHensPhotography engagement newborn Fri, 04 Apr 2014 08:06:03 GMT
Graduation is just around the corner! Hey there Class of 2014! Can you believe that graduation is just around the corner? You're in the home stretch, almost there! You can do make it to the end!

April is Senior Session Month! I'm offering a special for all class of 2014. If you haven't had your senior photos done yet. Or if you need photos for announcements...Or you just want to take photos with your BFF* me today and lets get together and mark this off your list!

Book your session in April and receive a customized photo album app (with up to 20 images) to easily share with your family and friends. 

*special pricing if wanting to do a session with your BFF, contact me for details. 



[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Class of 2014 PearlyHensPhotography Senior Session Portraits announcements graduation Tue, 01 Apr 2014 06:31:30 GMT
Love at the beach! What a fun time at the beach this past Sunday! Despite taking forever to get to the coast, it was all worth it to capture the love between Laura and Mike. A beautiful afternoon, makes a beautiful little sneak peak! Check it out. Congratulations again on your engagement!


[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Engagement Sunset beach photography session sneakpeak Fri, 21 Mar 2014 15:09:33 GMT
Baby girl! Up late again, trying to catch up on work. But had to share a couple of sneak peaks of sweet little Elena...More to come in a couple of weeks....I just had to share, because this 6 day old babes is so scrumptious!


[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Newborn photography sneakpeak Sat, 15 Mar 2014 09:37:47 GMT
Scouting, beaches and babes!  

Today I brought along PearlyHens on a scouting adventure! I have an engagement session schedule for this weekend. My dear couple requested for the session to be located at the beach. As much as I was excited to do a photo shoot at a beach, I was also a little lost;/ For those who do not know, I had lived in San Diego for 18 years! My little family moved up to Napa about four years ago, for furthering the hubs career. Needless to say, we now live over an hour away from the ocean, which is still a huge shock to my system. I used to live five minutes away biking distance from the ocean. I really do miss being able to just go down to the ocean to either play or relax.

Anyway, if the request was made in San Diego, I could come up with at least a dozen locations at the top of my head. Up here, its another story. After some serious thought and local friends advice and opinions, I decided to check out a couple choice beaches. Pearly was super excited, she loves the beach. I knew that Hens would love it too. So I packed them up in the car with all the beach gear and my camera in tow, and headed out on hour and a forty minute scenic drive to scout out some sand

We were definitely blessed with windy, BUT incredible weather. (minus the wind, the weather made my heartache a tad for my old hometown) The kiddos played, we looked for sand dollars and shells and I found the some  spots for the upcoming session. I am now really looking forward to the engagement session. 





[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) adventure beaches location scouting Thu, 13 Mar 2014 14:30:00 GMT
Gorgeous does not even come close! If you haven't been to Napa at the beginning of spring, you must add that to your bucket list. As I previously mentioned on my last blow (written at 1:00 AM ).."Gorgeous" and "Beautiful" can't even describe how amazing the Napa Valley looks. 

Bright yellows from the mustard flowers are covering almost every vineyards. There orange and white colors popping here and there. A true sign of spring is quite near.

I had so much fun yesterday during my photo shoot with Talia and her baby brother Mason. After their session, I wanted to keep clicking away. So I got my babes to be a model for me as well as I went out scouting for new locations for shoots. Thank you to my hubs for coming along.

Yesterdays scouting adventure came up fruitful! I have secured a secret spot to bring my clients. What does this mean?!? I am offering a limited number of 30 min sessions on three separate dates. Check it out!

 Mention: "Mustard" when booking the session.

Thats all for now:-) Hope to see you soon. 


[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) - -Spring Mustard Portraits Session Tue, 11 Mar 2014 23:09:49 GMT
Mustard Season is upon us!


Mustard Season is here! i had a wonderful time this morning capturing these two sweet little kiddos. 


This season only last for a couple of weeks or so. A sure sign that spring is upon us. To say that the valley is Gorgeous doesn't do it justice.  The colors are simply amazing!


Keep an eye out for my upcoming special to take advantage of the beautiful background while it last. 


[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Mustard kids pearlyhens photography season Tue, 11 Mar 2014 08:23:32 GMT
Featured and Brianna-Zoey Sneak peak PearlyHen's Photography is featured as a new business editorial in the Napa Register!

You can click on here to read the article :

I feel blessed and surprised, especially because I was initially contacted by Jennifer Huffman, the Business editor for the newspaper. As much as I love and miss San Diego, I would never have been approached by the Union Tribune. Living in the wine country with a population of 75,000+ has its advantages (vs over 1.5 million in SD). I look forward to meeting new clients!

Speaking of clients, I am in the middle of editing my latest family. Brianna G, was the winner of my gift certificate during the raffle at the Napa Mom's Club Pre-School Expo. I had the opportunity to capture this sweet single mom and her daughter Zoey. Here are a few sneak peaks of the session we did a last week.

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) family Thu, 27 Feb 2014 23:28:48 GMT
Last minute Valentine Gift!  
Hey its almost Valentine's Day! Do you still need to get your special someone a gift?! why not have a photo shoot of just the two of you! Don't worry, I've got you covered! 
Purchase a gift certificate for a $99 special to have a couple's connection session (reg. $150)  Mention the code "JUST-US" when you contact me. The gift certificate can be emailed directly to you to print from your home computer.
Contact me for more to purchase a gift certificate or for more details
[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) couples napa session valentines Fri, 14 Feb 2014 06:06:30 GMT
Rain and projects Hey all,

We have had a lot of rain lately here in Napa. This is good for our wine growers, but put me in a bind.  I had a to reschedule a few sessions due to the weather. I praying for better weather next week because I have two families that I'm looking forward to capturing.

In the meantime I have been keeping myself busy with a few things.

One of them is a  little project for my friend over at Hill Wine Co.( up in St. Helena's.  I had the opportunity to do product photography for their wine. I'm also going to be taking photos of their property for their stock photos for marketing purposes. It's been good fun and great learning experience to hone my skills as a photographer. BTW,If you haven't tried their wine yet,you should. Its pretty tasty.


I'm also attempting to expand my portfolio to include weddings. I'm excited to say that I had booked my first wedding for 2014! YAY! So if you know anyone getting married who is on a tight budget, send them my way. I have a fabulous deal that does include their engagement session!


One last thing, I have a little fun secret that I can't wait to share with you. But I have to, and you'll have to wait for a couple more weeks. Let's just say, living in a small country town vs living down in San Diego definitely has some advantages for small business that are just starting. :-)

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) engagement photography product session wedding Thu, 13 Feb 2014 06:59:51 GMT
Gorgeous ladies


Beauty definitely runs in my friend Lynette's family. In early January, I had a great time capturing Lynette and her daughters up in Yountville and at my friend Trish's Vineyard. I finally finished editing their session. I'm excited to give Lynette the DVD with all her images!




[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) Mother & daughters Wed, 05 Feb 2014 09:44:00 GMT
So the adventure begins! Welcome to PearlyHens Photography Hello World! Welcome to my PearlyHens Photography website and blog. Having a passion to capture seasons of life through photography truly is a new adventure for me. My goal for this blog is to take you along on this adventure through photos. 


For this first entry, let me introduce you to baby Max. He has the sweetest little face. I am discovering as I have more opportunities to document the first days of life, I am loving the newborn sessions. I simply adore just the uniqueness of each new life. Yet each new life has that same scrumptiousness that you want to just snuggle them and hold them. With each session, I really just squeeze the baby at the end. Thankfully Max's parent let me do just that!

[email protected] (Pearly Hens Photography) January Newborn first entry Wed, 22 Jan 2014 07:40:59 GMT